Lou Adler on Recruiting Trends, the Most In-Demand Skills, and Hiring the Best Talent
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Lou Adler on Recruiting Trends, the Most In-Demand Skills, and Hiring the Best Talent


If you are a hiring manager, you have likely met someone who is way better actually doing the job than they are on paper. However, too often, people are hired more for what they put or don’t put on their resume alone than for their performance on a job.

The term “performance-based hiring” was coined by Lou Adler of Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems. It is the idea of hiring people based on how they perform at a job rather than how they present themselves in an interview or on paper. It’s a method by which employers can fill critical positions with the best people for the job and attract top talent at the same time.

With over 30 years in the recruiting industry, Adler has seen technologies evolve and hiring transform from a paper and pen process to a digital process that moves at a quicker pace, making it all the more challenging for talent professionals and recruiters to ensure they stay ahead of the game by setting themselves up to attract the best candidates.

Here to share his insights on his famous performance-based hiring method, the most in-demand skills in the modern workforce, and how talent professionals can hire the best people is Lou Adler.

Lou Adler is the CEO and founder of Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems, a consulting and training firm helping recruiters and hiring managers around the world source, interview and hires the strongest and most diverse talent. Lou is the author of the Amazon top-10 best-seller, Hire With Your Head, The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired, and the Lynda.com Performance-based Hiring video training program.

Adler is one of the top bloggers on LinkedIn’s Influencer program writing about the latest trends in hiring, employment, and recruiting. His articles, quotes, and research can now be found in Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, Bloomberg, SHRM and The Wall Street Journal. The company’s new mobile-ready learning platform – The Hiring Machine – provides instant access to all of the tools needed to find and hire outstanding talent.


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