How Virtual Reality Can Boost Your Recruitment Efforts

By Don Q. Dao - Last Updated on April 5, 2018
How Virtual Reality can Upscale Your Recruitment Drive

Virtual reality is the future, even for fields such as recruitment.

The recruitment industry can thrive off of virtual reality.

If you’ve seen films such as Tron or Ender’s Game, you’ll know that virtual reality is a very established concept in fiction. Today, technology has been able to make this concept a reality. Virtual reality is defined as near reality and usually refers to a type of reality emulation that is a three-dimensional environment that is generated by computers. This environment surrounds the user to allow them to interact and explore the components available.

Virtual reality is achieved through various of ways. It tends to require multiple types of equipment and devices such as a headset, treadmill, gloves, or handheld controllers. With the stereoscopic display, virtual reality tricks your brain into believing that you’re in a three-dimensional world. The stereoscopic display displays two slightly different angles of the environment in each eye, giving the illusion of depth. This effect combined with shading and other techniques gives the user an illusion of three-dimensional.

Virtual reality has improved many fields of business, ranging from finance to construction and the medical field. One field that virtual reality has been revolutionizing in a very unexpected way is recruitment. Here’s how virtual reality can upscale your recruitment drive.

Constructing Jobs in Construction Companies

Virtual reality is a great tool for a user to immerse themselves in an environment. With this feature, construction companies can leverage virtual reality equipment to showcase what it’s like to work in construction. This can be very appealing to students and prospects who have a lot of interest in the field but want to know more about the day- to-day in the field. Virtual reality can show these prospects some daily tasks to further peak their interests.

Colleges and Universities

Colleges have begun to leverage virtual reality to recruit students to their campuses. This doesn’t only bring awareness to the school but also helps educate students on the different programs and campuses. College recruiters would use these devices to give students a virtual tour of the campus at fairs and other similar events. For example, Trinity University has used virtual reality headsets to show high schoolers their campus.

Recreating Company Cultures

Companies have used virtual reality to recreate what it’s like to be a part of the team. is one of Amazon’s biggest competitors. One of the ways they are looking to recruit new team members is by using virtual reality to show prospects what the workplace and culture is like. The experience showcases situations such as sitting in a meeting with the CEO, happy hour with other teammates, as well as, playing games with team members. This experience gives applicants a better understanding if they may fit into the company or not.

The Military

The British army has used virtual reality to recruit new members into its forces. After implementing this change, they saw a 66% rise in applications, showing how effective it is to show prospects what it’s like to work in this environment. The simulation showcases situations such as driving a tank, parachuting, and mountaineering, as well as, combat training. This new tactic is very effective in giving prospects an understanding of what is expected and the potential of working there.

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Don Q. Dao | Always striving to learn, Don Dao is driven by new adventures and challenges. His love for media and social interactions has led him to pursue a ca...

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