Best Employee Attendance Management Systems for SMBs

By Aileen Padua - Published on April 21, 2021
Employee attendance management systems

From time clocks to payroll automation, SMBs are constantly trying to find strategies on how to improve employee attendance with management software. According to 2014 research from Affinitylive, employees who log in their time at once a day are 66% accurate, while those who log their time weekly are 47% accurate.

This proves that there’s a demand for SMBs to install management systems to improve employee attendance. You’re just in luck for this article because we’re about to give you a rundown on what the top 15 employee attendance management systems are. 

  1. UKG Pro (UltiPro)

    UKG, formerly known as UKG Pro, is an HR software that assists managers and employees with creating an easy workforce experience. Known for its performance and reliability, UKG carries a powerful HCM suite that increases employee attendance results. UKG also comes with responsive and patient customer service, which happens to be another perk for this HR software.

    Price: Must be contacted to receive a direct quote


    • Tax Calculation
    • Benefits Manager
    • Web Portal
    • User, Role and Access
    • Management
    • Scalability
    • Reporting and Dashboards
    • Performance and Reliability
    • Time Off Accrual
    • Direct Deposit
    • Payroll Entry
    • Wage Garnishment
    • Check/W-2 Delivery
    • Pre-tax Deductions
    • Check/W-2 Printing 
  1. Replicon

    With an easy-to-use interface and overall simplified features, Replicon helps get the job done. Timesheets can be completed without the hassle and capture accurate measurements of data with its employee attendance. Replicon caters to SMBs while coming with different price plans depending on the size of your company.

    Price: $5.00/user per month (Small Business)

    Custom quote (Medium Enterprise)


    • Reporting
    • APIs/Integration
    • Internationalization
    • Mobile User Support
    • Performance and Reliability
    • Mobile Time Tracking
    • Ease of Completing Timesheets
    • Billable Time Rate Management
    • Tracking Time to Project/Task
    • Client Invoicing
    • Workflow
    • Policy Compliance Management
    • User, Role and Access Management
    • Automated Reminders
    • Standard Integrations 
  1. Time Doctor

    With Time Doctor, employers can expect a 22% percent increase in productivity. Time Doctor has many features that mainly include multi-function employee monitoring and advanced time tracking abilities. It takes screenshots of users’ computer screens every few minutes, which allows employers to track activity levels. Overall, Time Clock is an effective attendance management software for employees because of its robust usage. 


    $39.00/month (Basic)

    $49.00/month (Standard)

    $99.00/month (Premium)


    • Mobile Time Tracking
    • Ease of Completing Timesheets
    • Billable Time Rate Management
    • Tracking Time to Project/Task
    • Standard Integrations
    • Automated Reminders
    • Workflow
    • User, Role and Access Management
    • Reporting
    • Mobile User Support
    • Performance and Reliability
    • Monitoring (Interactions, Screenshots, Web Usage)
    • Email/Login 
  1. Sage HR (CakeHR)

    Formerly known as CakeHR, Sage HR is a great system for growing companies. Sage HR helps with consistent employee performance with its onboarding features, real-time reporting as well as overall organizational management. It’s the software with a practical user interface and integrates well with other platforms such as Outlook, Slackbot, and Google Calendar. 

    Price: Free (Core HR)

    $1.50/month per person (Expenses Management)

    $3.00/month per person (Timesheets)

    $3.00/month per person (Shift Scheduling)

    $3.00/month per person (Performance Management)

    $5.50/month per person (Leave Management)


    • Time, Attendance, PTO
    • Salary Structures
    • Organization Management
    • Customization
    • Performance
    • Reporting
    • Mobility
    • User, Role and Access Management
    • Dashboards 


  1. iSolved Time

    Featured in Capterra’s best payroll and HR software, iSolved is a good management system for any type of company. It’s best known for its support with benefits and HR all the while having an interface that’s easy to navigate through. Having iSolved for employee attendance management can help transform employee experience for the better.

    Price: Contact for custom quote


    • Reporting and Dashboards
    • Performance and Reliability
    • User, Role and Access Management
    • Scalability
    • Payroll Entry
    • Direct Deposit
    • Wage Garnishment
    • Check/W-2 Delivery & Printing
    • Time Off Accrual
    • Pre-tax Deduction
    • Employee Self Service
    • Tax Filing and Calculation
    • Automatic Tax Payment 
  1. Calamari

    Calamari assists with planning and tracking all kinds of employee absences. It has a flexible multi-level approval process as well as an automated time clock that requires little action. Successful integrations with Calamari include Office 365, Slack, GSuite, Asana, Basecamp, JIRA, and Microsoft Teams. Calamari is available through mobile access and starts at $10.00 a month.

    Price: $10.00/10 users (Standard)


    • Clock in/Clock out Modules
    • Absence & Leave Management Modules
    • Multilingual
    • Labour Law Compliant
    • Cloud Based HR
    • Multicountry 
  1. Ximble

    Part of Paycor, Ximble has been nominated as the best software for HR, talent management, payroll, onboarding, and applicant management. It’s trusted by 30,000 SMBs with managing a variety of tasks. Ximble has features that can assist with employee attendance such as employee and group scheduling. Overall, Ximble is a great time saver and the solution for SMBs. 

    Price: Contact for price quote  $1.00/month/user + $15 base fee per month(Starting Price)


    • Employee Scheduling
    • Group Scheduling
    • Time Clock
    • Time Tracking
    • Multi-Location
    • Vacation/Leave Tracking
    • Salaried Employee Tracking
    • Resource Management
    • Reporting/Analytics
    • Room Booking Management
    • Biometric Recognition
    • Mobile Access 
  1. Darwinbox

    Darwinbox has the reputation for being the “all-in-one” HR Software. It allows inputs of multiple attendances such as IP addresses and geo-locations. It’s flexible software for both administrators and employees considering its reputation with fast integration and deployment.

    Price: $7.00/month (Starting Price)


    • Multiple Attendance Inputs (Biometric, IP address, Geo-based)
    • Flexible Shift & Roster Management
    • Compensatory Offs
    • Overtime Workflows
    • Configurable Attendance Rules & Validations
    • Leave Policies
    • Approval Management 
  1. Jibble

    Jibble is a free time tracking app that can help managers and employees with payroll, attendance, and other tasks. It even has a feature that allows employees to take selfies to clock-in for work. Other features with Jibble are offline mode, GPS attendance, automatic over-time, and biometric recognition. Jibble works well with SMBs that are part of the manufacturing, construction, retail, startup, and education industry.

    Price: Free


    • Selfie Clock-ins
    • GPS Attendance
    • Offline Mode
    • Timesheets for Payroll
    • Project Costing
    • Automatic Overtime
    • Kiosk Mode 
  1. TrackSmart

    TrackSmart has three different software catered to attendance, scheduling, and time clocks. Other features with TrackSmart include automated recordkeeping, reporting, and vacation requests. Each software features different types of solutions for SMBs. With up to 100 employees, you can start with TrackSmart for $22.00 a month.

    Price: $22.00/month (Starting Price)


    • Attendance
    • Scheduling
    • TImeClock 
  1. Clockit

    Unlike other systems listed here, Clockit is cloud-based management software. It can track projects and attendance with GPS and monitor multiple businesses. Mobile access is also included with this software, especially when clocking in and out. Clockit also helps with managing employment leaves, GPS tracking, and holidays. Overall, it’s a convenient software for SMBs to use. 

    Price: $29.00/10 users (XS Business)

    $49.00/20 users (S Business)

    $99.00/50 users (M Business)

    $199.00/100 users (L Business)


    • Time and Attendance
    • Time Tracker
    • Notifications
    • Attendance Audit
    • Geolocation and Geofencing
    • Reports
    • Shiftplanning & Scheduling
    • PTO, Leaves & Vacation
    • Integrations
    • Manager Dashboard
    • Dynamic Reports
    • Time Card Calculator
    • Support and Ticketing 
  1. Tanda

    Rated as one of the top software for employee scheduling and workforce management, Tanda is the software system that’s suitable for SMBs of any industry. Customer service is very responsive and helpful with problems. Overall, Tanda works very well at keeping track of employee hours and payroll.

    Price: Contact for Custom Pricing (Basic, Business, Enterprise subscriptions)


    • Employee Onboarding
    • Rosters
    • Employee Time Clock App
    • Award Interpretation
    • Leave Management
    • Key Alerts
    • Payroll Integration
    • Tanda Mobile App
    • Live Chat
    • Shift Feedback
    • Shift Swapping
    • Live Wage Tracker
    • Live Insights
    • Cognitive Payroll
    • Cognitive Rosters
    • Predictive Workforce 
  1. Desk Time

    SMBs can consider Desk Time as another management software to use. Desk Time comes with an automatic time tracking system and an overall easy to navigate interface. It’s best known as the software that can increase employee productivity and company effectiveness.

    Price: Free (Lite)

    $190.00/month (Enterprise)

    $95.00/month (Pro)

    $124.00/month (Premium)


    • Automatic Time/Offline Tracking
    • Document Title Tracking
    • Cost Calculation
    • Absence Calendar
    • Mobile App
    • Screenshots
    • Pomodoro Timer
    • Team’s Contacts
    • Third-party Integrations
    • URL & App Tracking
    • Private Time Option
    • Custom Reports
    • Shift Scheduling 
  1. Clockspot

    Claimed to have the trust of a thousand businesses, Clockspot caters to companies of all sizes. It’s a system with a great time tracking feature, which is easy for project managers to see how long tasks are being spent. All timesheets are secure and implemented with Excel. Another perk with Clockspot is that it allows time clock access through your phone without the access of a VPN on a desktop.

     Price: $5.00/user  (Standard)

    $8.00/user (Premium)


    • Time Tracking
    • Job Costing
    • Phone Time Clock
    • Cloud Based Time Tracking
    • GPS Employee Tracking
    • Excel Timesheet
    • Time Card Calculator with Lunch
    • Timesheet Mobile
    • Online Timesheet
    • Secure Timesheet
    • Attendance Tracker 
  1.  Tambla (ComOps)

    Tambla is an innovative HR Software fit for federal industries and large enterprises. It ensures visibility and optimization with their tools. It’s one of the best software for employee management considering its multi-function features for scheduling. Because it’s a software that offers multi-location, Tambla can be used with remote work and around employees based globally.

    Price: Must be contacted to receive a direct quote


    • Tambla Cloud
    • Tambla Service Delivery
    • Roster Choices
    • Award Interpretation
    • Workforce Compliance
    • Workforce Planning
    • Workforce Management
    • Scheduling & Rostering
    • Time & Attendance
    • IFAs & Mutual Variations
    • Industry-specific Workforce Modules
    • Tambla Insights
    • Tambla PAYCE
    • Tambla & Alayacare

 Final Thoughts

Having the ability to track time and scheduling is what makes up project management and a stable work environment. A couple of key takeaways to consider are the features that each software offers. What all 15 software have in common are reporting, scheduling, and tax automation.

Dashboards are another main feature that attendance management systems offer. Overall, we would say that this list consists of the best employee attendance management systems for SMBs because of their reputation and variety of subscriptions.

Aileen Padua | Aileen Padua is an aspiring social media coordinator. She is currently majoring in Advertising at Fresno State University. With her understanding about the power of social media, Aileen is passionate about preserving and enhancing the image of one’s reputation in the public eye.

Aileen Padua | Aileen Padua is an aspiring social media coordinator. She is currently majoring in Advertising at Fresno State University. With her understanding a...


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