HR Tactics for a Successful Candidate Selection Process

By Team Writer - Last Updated on May 19, 2020
Article gives tips on candidate selection process

Recruiting talented employees is essential for every organization. Without following a proper recruitment plan, it would not be very easy for the company to hire skilled individuals. Candidate selection processes can be time-taking as well as requires huge investment.

The human resource department is responsible for conducting the selection processes, and they have the ability to create a difference in their corporation. The candidate selection process can be time taking, costly, and tiring for the HR team.

Effective strategies and recruitment budget must be planned by the HR team to make this process more efficient. Research suggests that the selection process takes around 40 days and costs approximately $5000 that every organization cannot afford. Few of the companies have started to use Pre-Employment Testing Software or taming the selection process.

Want to optimize and make your recruitment process cost-effective? Get to know the strategies that can pace the candidate hiring.

Time-saving and Reasonable Techniques for Candidate Selection

  • Automating the Hiring process

    The study estimates that within the span of 10 days, capable candidates are selected by other organizations. And when an organization is spending a lot of time in the selection process, they will eventually be left with average candidates.

    It is essential to make this process speedy if they want to hire talented individuals. Manual selection cannot be made at a quicker pace. Automating the complete system not only will save time but also make the hiring experience much feasible and smooth.

    This can be done by making recruitment that would pre-scan the candidates on the basis of online application and choose the best one. Optimize the job postings, as well as take online tests. Schedule interviews online and select the best candidate.

  • Systematic Onboarding

    Using a manual onboarding procedure can take up to 12 hours per week whenever new candidates are hired. But for multinational, this process can take up to weeks or months. Using HR software that can automate the onboarding process can immensely help in saving the time of both the individual and the employer.

    On top of that, systematic onboarding will also benefit in the greater commitment of employees and preservation. Using effective onboarding software makes the candidates experience more active, which helps in holding the best employees for a longer time.

  • Utilization of Social Media

    Social media is open for all. Organizations can use it for their own benefit just by investing little time and running effective recruitments advertisements and campaigns. In this way, HR can attract only a specific audience group that fits their selection criteria.

    Taking complete advantage of social media also increases the number of applications that increase the chances of selecting talented candidates.

    Moreover, rather than using every social media platform, you can opt for only those channels that are more appropriate and can easily catch the audience’s attention. Do you know how the punisher jacket manufacturer’s HR team recruits new individuals? They use the LinkedIn platform to filter the best person for their company by investing very little time.

  • Conducting Job Fairs

    Conducting job fairs is the most common and effective strategy used by many companies. Either the company is small or large, everyone needs to attract potential candidates towards their organization.

    Holding a job fair will allow enterprises to connect with a large pool of potential candidates without spending money on job advertisements. Although the organizations have to finance the job fair, this strategy can help them save money and time by permitting the HR team to shortlist the individuals quickly.

  • Providing Internship Opportunities

    The internship can be considered as secret code for the selection of the best individual. How? Let us explain that. When university students are selected for these internships either paid or unpaid, then during their tenure, they are being examined for their capabilities. Internships no only aid the students, but they are beneficial for the employers as well.

    This opportunity gives employers a chance to teach the individuals about their organization’s culture and analyze their personality and skills to hire them in the future for the company’s benefit. Investing time and little money in this short term training will ease the selection process.

  • Employing Big Data

    Streamline the candidate’s selection procedure, can help the employers in making the recruiting process more efficient and time-saving. In addition to this, the cost per candidate considerably reduces.

    Big data, or in other words, people analytics when employed in a candidate’s selection, the HR team will have access to a large amount of data for finding an ideal employee. This technique will screen the resumes through data mining or keywords.

    It is a way of generating a complete picture of the individual before they get nominated. Essay writing service providers use this strategy for hiring highly qualified and expert writers for their content team.

  • Rapid Interviewing Processes

    Scheduling interviews prolong the selection process. Asking the candidate to visit your firm and then carrying out the whole process and interviewing each candidate can be tiring and takes up a lot of time.

    Allocating a specific time for every candidate is impossible to achieve. Some people take up a short time, while others can take up to an hour or two. Evaluating recorded interviews or setting one on one meeting with the candidates is a cost-effective and time-saving strategy.

    Email the question and ask the candidate to record a few minute videos and upload it on their online portal. You can learn more effective tips for video interviewing.


In a nutshell, we can say that automated, as well as a systematic hiring procedure, can help the companies in finding the right and talented candidate. Not only this, using big data, artificial intelligence, and social media can help in shortlisting the best-fit people. Make your selection process quick, smooth, and feasible by implementing these schemes.


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