Best Employee Time Tracking App in 2020

By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on February 15, 2021
Article gives the list of best employee time tracking app

In the business world, time is money. Unlike money, time can be difficult to keep track of due to its fleeting nature. However, various apps have been created to help with saving time and money by increasing productivity for large, small, and freelance businesses. Listed below are considered the best employee time tracking apps(1) of the year.

Here’s the List of Best Employee Time Tracking App

  1. Time Doctor

    Time Doctor is an employee time tracking app specifically designed for employees. It has the capacity to handle tasks for large businesses with up to 500 employees and small businesses with as little as 20 employees. But, this time-saving app is very beneficial for small businesses and start-ups.

    Key Features:

    • Gives businesses ability to pay employees digitally through platforms like PayPal
    • Screenshots employee activity
    • Accounts can be accessed by clients
    • Can oversee digital conversations or chats of employees 
  2. Hours

    Hours is a simple app that features a basic clock that uses employee time tracking software to organize important tasks into color-coded labeled images. You can adjust the time for scheduled tasks by simply dragging your mouse to the start time desired.

    Key Features:

    • Color-coded labels for small tasks and work projects
    • Alerts for start time trackers
    • Apple Watch friendly

    Users have to either pay a monthly fee of $8 per person or $80 per year per person.

  3. DeskTime

    DeskTime has multiple essential features which include tracking employees, monitoring & examining productivity, and work management. These essential features help to crack down on behaviors that are considered “unproductive” based on time employees spend on different websites or URLs.

    Unique Features:

    • Produces an everyday timeline of productivity
    • Visually precise, downloadable reports
    • Screenshots employee activity
    • Pomodoro Technique (25-30 work periods separated by short breaks)
    • Collaborations with other work management apps
    • Calendar for attendance (and lack thereof)
    • Ability to assign different shifts

    There are two versions of the app (DeskTime Lite & DeskTime Pro). The former is free while the latter costs $7 per user and $3.85 per user within larger teams on a yearly basis

  4. When I Work

    Whether on a smartphone, tablet or on your desktop at work employees can download the When I Work app. Users can synchronize work schedules with the time clock and send payroll documents to various platforms like ADP, QuickBooks, etc.

    Key Features:

    • The app is simple, easy to comprehend, & pleasing to the eye
    • Affordable
    • Alerts notify employees to clock one hour before the shift starts

    The When I Work app comes in basic ($1.50 per user/per month) and pro ($2.25 per user/per month) payment plans. However, the app can be used for free for up to 75 employees.

  5. Timely

    The Timely app (no pun intended) documents every single thing an employee works on, using Automatic Time Tracking and saves it on a Memory Tracker.

    Key Features:

    • Collaborates with apps like WordPress, Google Docs/Forms/Sheets, Slack, and Evernote
    • Follow the status of work projects using the feature Project Time Management
    • Follow and access employees’ work activity using the feature Team Time Management

    The Growth payment plan for this app costs $99 per month with 5 users. Extra users after that cost $20. However, you can access a free trial for the first 14 days of use.

  6. Qlaqs Timesheet Pro

    Key Features:

    • You can follow employees and work activity through the iOS-friendly Pro version
    • Ability to show multiple timers for various projects on a single screen (unlimited)
    • Use and download PDF files of the timesheets to keep as a record 
  7. Paylocity

    Key Features:

    • Handles payroll digitally
    • You have the ability to pay and file taxes through the app
    • Includes benefits like customized healthcare/dental/vision coverage, commuter options, & pre-paid cards

    It is estimated that Paylocity charges $2-$4 per user/per month, however, the actual cost of using this app isn’t listed on their website.

  8. Kronos Workforce Central

    Key Features:

    • Able to send out alerts about employee work time to bosses
    • Can create a schedule that lessens overstaffing and gives employees the ability to see schedule from their phone & lets employee choose their shift times
    • Tracks truancies
    • Gives HR the ability to analyze employee performance by measuring and collecting data
    • Has a digital payroll that calculates the number of hours worked by employees and processes general tax forms
    • Bosses can see and analyze trends with the use of visual graphs available within the app
    • iOS and Android friends (can be used on mobile devices and tablets)

    Payment prices and plans are not listed. You must contact Kronos Workforce Central directly for more information.

  9. UltiPro

    Key Features:

    • First-class HR organizational and administrative capabilities
    • Excellent Hiring/Talent Management
    • Cuts down on manual administrative tasks to improve time management
    • Analytic functions allow for deep insight into the overall workforce
    • Able to distribute payments and file taxes

    Pricing is not available on UltiPro’s website. Must be contacted directly for a quote.

  10. Workday HCM

    Key Features:

    • Uses technology based on the cloud to connect various HR operations into a single system
    • Manages time, performance, and goals of the employees
    • Helps to discover future leaders within a business by using visual features to find good workers and label them as potential candidates
    • Digital payroll
    • Career Development

    Prices not listed. Contact the vendor directly for more details.

  11. Paychex Flex

    Key Features:

    • Features for tracking 401(k) accounts
    • Uses tools like a time clock to track employee time and attendance
    • Has a digital payroll for direct deposits and stores records for taxes
    • Tools for HR and administrative management

    Price for the subscription not listed. Contact the vendor directly for more details.

  12. Replicon

    Key Features:

    • Portfolio, workforce, and payroll management
    • Mobile friendly
    • Employees can schedule their own time using a tool called Cloud Clock
    • Organized dashboards make it easier to monitor different tasks, clients, and large projects

    The Replicon app starts at a 14-day free trial period. Afterward, there is the QuickStart Package ($19 per user/per month), the Plus Package ($63 per user/per month), and the Enterprise Package (price must be requested from vendor).

  13. ClockShark

    Key Features:

    • Online, offline, and GPS time tracking
    • Can document when employees clock-in and clock-out
    • Payroll, location, and time management
    • Printable PDF files of job location report and time cards
    • Easy to use dashboard for projects (drag and drop tools)

    The ClockShark app has a free trial option. However, the time limit for this option isn’t mentioned. But the app does include a Monthly Basic Plan ($3 per month/per user + $15 base fee per account), a Monthly Standard Plan ($5 per month/per user + $25 base fee per account), and a Monthly Pro Plan ($8 per month/per user + $45 base fee per account). All of these payment options have 2 months free if paid on a yearly basis.

  14. Fingercheck

    Key Features:

    • HR, administration, and time management
    • Self-service tools for employees
    • Digital payroll, direct deposit, and tax information
    • Invoices of client payments
    • System integration for better syncing across platforms and devices

    The Fingercheck app has a free trial option with an undisclosed time limit. The main payment options include the Fingercheck All-In-One HR program ($8 per user/per month + $39 base fee) and the Fingercheck Employee Time Clock Software ($3 per user/per month + $20 base fee).

  15. Qbserve

    Key Features:

    • Uses specific keywords to jump-start time tracker
    • One-time payment only

    The Qbserve app offers a one-time payment of $40 per user.

  16. Hubstaff

    Key Features:

    • Employees can use the app to request time-off and vacations
    • Simple pay rates based on hours worked by employees

    The Hubstaff app offers a free trial for the first 14 days of use. Then, the app offers $5 per month, $10 per month, and $20 per month for every user which carries various features/functions for each payment plan.

  17. Tick

    Key Features:

    • Prices are based on the number of projects
    • All payment plans can carry an unlimited amount of users
    • Viewable custom reports based on the client, user, and paid vs. no-payed hours

    The Tick app offers 1 project for free. After that 10 project goes for a cost of $19 per month, 30 projects are $49 per month, 60 projects are $79 per month, and an unlimited number of projects goes for $149 per month (not including archived projects).

  18. Connecteam

    Key Features:

    • Time clock, communication, and scheduling for employees
    • Digital spaces for files, folders, and scanners/faxes (no paper needed)
    • Platform the trains employees and functions as a knowledge base

    The Connecteam app’s most popular plan (Advanced) starts off free and then comes with a monthly payment of $59 that carries up to 200 users. The app also offers free, Basic ($29 per month), Expert ($119 per month), and Enterprise (contact for quote) plan under the annual premium option.

  19. Paydirt

    Key Features:

    • Time tracks accounts and tasks that a user is working on
    • Create invoices that carry 52 currencies with up to 17 languages
    • Set-up billing rates and figures for employees

    The Paydirt app has various payment options individuals and teams, including the Individual plan ($8 per month & $16 per month), Teams plans with 3 members ($29 per month, 6 members ($49 per month), 10 members ($79 per month), and 20 members ($149 per month). An Enterprise plan is also offered for 40 members ($249 per month + $5 per user/per month).

  20. Avaza

    Key Features:

    • Simple interface for navigation and use
    • Adjustable billing and costs thanks to the time tracker
    • Sharable reports that show employees and/or customers how time is spent

    The Avaza App offers a free use version of its service that includes a timesheet manager and 10 customers. The version you will have to pay for ranges from $9.95 to $39.95.

  21. Tsheets

    Key Features:

    • Has a “Who’s Working” tool that monitors and tracks employees’ whereabouts
    • Employees clock-in into the Time Clock Kiosk which uses pictures and facial recognition technology

    The Tsheets app a free trial period that lasts 14 days. It also has paid plans that include the Small Business plan ($5 per month for up to 99 users + $1 for scheduling services) and a base fee of $20 monthly. For those that are self-employed, Tsheets has a free plan.

  22. TopTracker

    Key Features:

    • Desktop, mobile, and tablet friendly
    • Mobile version of the app is not available even though it can be used on a mobile platform
    • Organized dashboard with projects, tasks, and employee information
    • Fleshed out activity reports to help elevate team performance

    The TopTracker app is completely free.

  23. EverHour

    Key Features:

    • Can see the visible workload of individual employees
    • Real-time dashboard with team activity
    • Billing and invoicing available in multiple currencies
    • Ability to stop or freeze timer to send alerts or emails to an employee

    For the EverHour app, individual users pay $8 per month on an annual basis. For teams, it is $5 per user/per month annually but $7 per user if paid on a monthly basis (5 users minimum).

  24. Harvest

    Key Features:

    • Tracks progress and activity
    • Can receive client invoices/payments through PayPal and Stripe
    • Dashboard easily accessible across various platforms
    • Numerous billing rates and hours can be tracked for easy keep-up with different clients

    This app has a free plan for a single user with a limit of two projects and with only a certain number of features. For an individual with unlimited projects, the pricing is $12 per month (10% off, if paid annually) and for more than two users the cost is $12 per user/per month (10% off, if annually)

  25. Paymo

    Key Features:

    • Has a variety of tools that are involved with different aspects of project management
    • Tools include time tracking, resource, team, & task management
    • Live streams and discussions among team members
    • Desktop and mobile-friendly

    For freelancers, the Paymo app provides a free plan. Paymo offers smaller businesses the price of $9.56 per user/per month and for large corporations, it is $15.16 per user/per month, if paid yearly. For monthly plans, the price is $11.95 per user/per month and $18.95 per user/per month.

  26. TimeCamp

    Key Features:

    • Provides visual tools like graphic timesheets, reports, analysis of productivity, etc.
    • Track activity history and attendance

    TimeCamp has a free plan for individual use that is targeted to freelancers. The app also has Basic and Pro plans that cost $5.25 per user/per month if billed yearly ($7 billed monthly) and $7.50 per user/per month if billed yearly ($10 monthly).

  27. Toggl

    Key Features:

    • Useable across all desktop and mobile platforms
    • Provides simple to examine data
    • Automatic timesheet management, tracking notifications and deleting old time entries

    Toggl provides different payment plans for use of service based on need. The Starter plan costs $9 per user/month ($10 if paid monthly) with basic features like time tracking and reporting. The Premium plan costs $18 per user/month ($20 if paid monthly) and it includes the features in the Starter plan along with Team management and real-time view.

    The Enterprise plan costs $49 per user/month ($59 if paid monthly) and includes everything in Starter and Premium plans plus other unlimited access to special tools and advanced documenting.

  28. ProWorkflow

    Key Features:

    • Can create price quotes and invoices based on budgeted and actual time spent working on assigned projects
    • Has various ways of tracking and managing time

    Price not mentioned on the website. Contact the vendor directly for more details.

  29. Basecamp

    Key Features:

    • Able to create time tracking reports with 6-month ranges
    • You can process time tracking data for every project
    • Allows for to-do lists to be created within the time tracking process
    • It offers synchronization with over a dozen time tracking apps and widgets.

    Price not mentioned on the website. Contact the vendor directly for more details.

  30. Mavenlink

    Key Features:

    • A mobile app that allows users to log time and expenses on the go and give managers instant visibility into where work hours are being spent
    • Live reports let teams examine time and expenses tracked within a company

    Price not listed on the website. Contact the vendor directly for more details.

  31. actiTime

    Key Features:

    • Used specifically by individual users and small teams to track and manage time and work
    • Sends notifications and handles company finances

    The service from the actiTime app is free.

  32. RescueTime

    Key Features:

    • Monitors and records time spent on websites and other computer apps
    • Helps to increases productivity by establishing goals through reports of time costs

    Rescue Time Lite edition is free, but if you want more features the premium plan is available. Contact vendor directly for the prices of the premium plan.

  33. Jibble

    Key Features:

    • Accessible for desktop, mobile, Slack & Microsoft Teams.
    • Extensive consistent notifications that keep you up to speed with what your employees are doing
    • Team members clock in from one location through an iPad kiosk



    The Jibble app is of no cost to users under the Free Plan. Jibble’s Power plan is $2 per user/per month. There is a 14-day free trial option available to at least 5 users per month.

  34. TrackingTime

    Key Features:

    • Analyzes employee productivity by tracking time spent working on different projects/tasks
    • Easy to understand and easy to use interface

    Price of the TrackingTime app not listed. Contact the vendor directly for more details.

  35. HoursTracker

    Key Features:

    • Automatically tracks work hours and company finances
    • User friendly

    The HoursTracker app carries a Free plan, but to access more features the Pro Upgrade is available for $9.99 with a cloud subscription for $2.99.

  36. Atracker

    Key Features:

    • Has widgets that can track employee activity throughout the day
    • Can sync to Dropbox for easy access to backup files

    The Atracker app has both a free and a low-cost paid plan ($4.99).

  37. Clockify

    Key Features:

    • Can time track manually and with a timer
    • No member or project restrictions
    • Documents workability

    The service for the Clockify app is free.

  38. Homebase

    Key Features:

    • Regular assessments for overtime, total hours, and breaks
    • Documents breaks, missed shifts, and clock-outs
    • Live view of the cost of labor

    The Homebase app offers a Basic Plan which is free, and Essentials Plan for $16 per month, a Plus Plan for $40 per month, and an Enterprise Plan for $80 per month. The app also offers a 14-day free trial.

  39. Time Recording

    Key Features:

    • Documents and files can be integrated with Google Drive, DropBox, & OwnCloud.
    • It has tools for employees to complete tasks.
    • Creates detailed notes.
    • Reports can be exported in Excel or HTML formats

    The price of this app is not mentioned on their website. Contact the vendor directly for more information.

  40. Timetrex

    Key Features:

    • Compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux
    • Performs time tracking, truancy monitoring, and direct deposit

    Price for the app not mentioned on the website. Contact vendor directs for more details.

  41. Tmetric

    Key Features:

    • Can sync with other web applications
    • API that allows users to create connections

    The app provides a free plan that carries up to 5 users and allows the user to have unlimited time tracking and reporting tools on the number of projects and clients

  42. Deputy app

    Key Features:

    • tracks time with a mobile app, both online and offline
    • Receive alerts and notifications
    • provides various interfaces for payroll, accounting, and POS systems
    • can control Scheduling & Leave Management

    The Deputy app offers the Scheduling Only Plan for $2.50 per user/per month, the Timekeeping Only Plan for $2.50 per user/per month, the Premium Plan (monthly price: $4.50 and annual price: $48 per user/per year = $4 a month), and the Enterprise Plan where you have to request for a custom quote.

  43. Humanity

    Key Features:

    • approved only clock-ins by managers
    • fewer notifications than other employee time tracking apps like Homebase and When I Work
    • Can create standard and custom reports in-app
    • Manager approved schedules

    The Humanity app offers the Starter Plan for $2 per user/per month, the Classic Plan for $4 per user/per month, and the Enterprise Plan where a custom quote must be requested.

  44. Ximble

    Key Features:

    • Helps to prevent buddy punching with its facial recognition technology
    • Includes shift alerts, group chat, timesheet review and approvals, and a digital time clock
    • Can track multiple positions and income rates for every employee

    The Ximble app offers the Core Plan for $3 per user/per month, the Advanced Plan for $5 per user/per month, and the Enterprise Plan where a custom quote must be requested.

  45. ProofHub 

    Key Features:

    • Provides a quick visual image of projects using Gantt charts
    •  Produces a fun, engaging workplace environment using white labeling
    • Saves a lot of time during the feedback-sharing process using online proofing software
    • Provides useful advice for projects using project reports
    • Carries a creative mobile appl that is Android and iOS-friendly

    The ProofHub app offers a 14-day free trial, but the vendor must be contacted directly to know the price of their annual and/or monthly plans.

  46. Clarizen

    Key Features:

    • Speeds up and smooths out the process of reporting and time approval
    • Regularly assigns timesheets to their designated departments

    Price for the app not mentioned on the website. Contact the vendor directly for more details.

  47. Timeneye

    Key Features:

    • Tracks your time regularly and adds it to related projects
    • User friendly for every digital and software platform
    • bird’s-eye view tool on the dashboard with a calendar view helps you organize and keep up to date on projects.
    • Has the ability to separate billable and non-billable hours working on a project, can add multiple billing rates for every task in a single project and can determine overtime billing

    The Timeneye app offers a 14-day free trial, a Free Plan, and a Pro Plan for $6 per user/per month paid annually or $7 per user/per month paid monthly.

  48. ClickTime

    Key Features:

    • Create more than 80+ different types of digital reports (as graphs and charts)
    • Assists in tracking different statistics in its timesheet like employee time, finances, employee overtime, time-off, budgets, etc.
    • Has a bird’s-eye view on the dashboard and documents that quickly helps you to see important statistical data
    • Provides a home mobile app for Android and iOS, along with a desktop app and a Chrome extension

    The ClickTime app offers the Starter plan for $10 per user/per month, the Team plan for $12 per user/per month, and the Premier plan for $24 per user/per month, if paid annually. If you choose to pay monthly, those plans cost $12 per user/per month, $16 per user/per month, and $28 per user/per month.

Why Use Employee Time Tracking Software?

  • Increase employee work activity
  • Better predict time windows needed to complete future tasks and projects
  • Improve the process of documenting employee payrolls
  • To ensure correct invoice and payment information for clients
  • To manage the amount of time and resources truly needed in order to complete projects


Benefits of using an Employee Time Tracking App

  • Having a set of standards to abide by
  • Lessens the chance of human error
  • Automatic systems
  • Live data
  • Employee location tracking
  • Decrease curb up
  • Decrease buddy punching
  • Catch overtime as soon as it happens
  • Improvement of team oversight

Final Thoughts

At a base level, all of the apps mentioned above offer similar services to potential freelancers, small and large businesses: tracking time monitoring of employees, payroll services (that includes direct deposit, client invoices, & tax information), and team management. But based on the size and need of a business, these apps offer varying features according to the research of this article.


Kierra Benson is an alumnus of the University of North Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Technology. She previously completed an internship at a local newspaper and worked as a content creator for a small online business. Her goal is to work in the media industry in writing/editing and advertising. She has always been fascinated by how messages are marketed in the media to influence the masses and sell products. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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TechFunnel Contributors | is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...


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