Powerful Benefits of Workplace Communication

By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on May 15, 2020
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In a survey conducted by SHRM, communication amongst employees and management placed 8th as the biggest reason for job satisfaction, and 55% of employees studied say that it was “extremely important” to them. While 60% of employees studied were satisfied with employee-to- management communication at their place of work.

What Are the Benefits of Effective Communication in The Workplace?

    1. Boosts morale among employees & Encourages the exchange of new ideas

      The happier an employee is in the office, the more they will want to be there which in turn increases work output and the quality of the finished product. Effective communication also encourages the flow of new ideas that could help a business operate more efficiently.

    2. Creates cohesion within the team

      When everyone is working together to achieve the same goals and knows what those goals are, a certain kind a camaraderie will be established in the workplace. It also creates a sense of everyone’s feeling that they carry their fair share of the workload, enhancing the work experience in a beneficial way.

    3. Increases productivity

      Better communication techniques assist in helping employees to better comprehend their roles which in turn helps employees to perform their assigned duties better. Resources and time can be saved by employees through these techniques by getting more work done and reducing stress.

    4. Forms trust

      Allowing for there to be a space for differing ideas and viewpoints on how to accomplish tasks, projects, and goals create a bond built on trust between manager and employee. Trust is also established between other employees as well because they will feel that their opinions are valued.

    5. Ceases confusion

      Nothing causes more frustration in the workplace than an employee not knowing what exactly is expected of them in their assigned roles or what that role even is. When no one knows what anyone is supposed to be doing or what is going on, it can create an atmosphere of chaos and confusion.

    6. Increased employee dedication and commitment to the company

      The stronger the connection that an employee feels towards the company they work for, based on how they are treated, the more dedicated they will be to upholding goals and principles that the company a success. Continued engagement of employees with company values ensures future commitment to the organization.

    7. More engagement

      Being directly involved in the success of a company gives incentive to the employee to care more about its well-being and future trajectory. This creates a mentality to the employees that they are not just another cog in a large machine and that their contributions matter.

    8. Increased knowledge of business practices

      Not only knowing what your role is in an organization but its importance within the entire business operations is achieved through effective communication that is clear and understandable. The more an employee knows intimately about how a business works the more they have the need, to not only do their job, but to do it well.

    9. Healthier workplace environment

      Good communication creates better relationships. Better relationships create better communities. Better communities create a better environment, and this is especially true in the workplace.

    10. Encourages employees

      The more managers communicate (in a positive way) with employees, the more employees will feel relaxed in their relationships with the higher-ups. Leaders that are approachable benefit from employees giving more honest commentary and critique, while the employees gain trust in their superiors and other co-workers.

    11. Lessens employee turn-over

      When employees are satisfied in the workplace, they not only have the incentive to ensure the success of the business, but they also have the motivation to stay and grow in their positions to possibly go up the corporate ladder.

    12. Raises customer satisfaction

      An employees’ job often entails interacting and performing duties for clients and/or customers. The happier an employee is the better they will be at their job, which increases the satisfaction that the customer has with the finished product or service.

    13. Career opportunities

      Effective communication not only increases the chance of employees moving up the corporate ladder within the company, but it also ensures that an employee can even get through the door. Good communication skills are crucial in the job interview process of attaining a position or promotion within the company.

    14. Conflict resolution

      The root of conflict in the workplace is miscommunication. Bad communication creates bad relationships and bad relationships create toxic environments. Clear and open communication ensures the prevention of misunderstanding between manager and employee. Learning and adjusting to different communication styles also enhances positive business relationships.

    15. Truthfulness

      Honesty is the best policy, especially in the workplace. It not only applies to commentary and critiques between managers and employees, but it also has to do with acknowledging missteps. Being honest about your mistakes is an essential part of healthy communication because it brings about an open dialogue about possible solutions and learning opportunities.

    16. Being impartial

      Being open and approachable to differing points of view, ideas, and opinions are imperative to effective communication. But the process also has to be fair and balanced for all parties involved. A manager’s opinion about work operations should not be deemed more important than what the employees have to say. Equality is also an important aspect of communication.

    17. Brings transparency and guidance

      The words you use in a message is critical to what is possibly understood by the listener. One word can say a whole lot more than a paragraph. So, be clear about your intent and use the message to move toward accomplishing goals.

    18. Leads to more clients

      Satisfied clientele and customers are more likely to recommend your business services to other potential future clients. Effective communication not only happens between managers and employees in the office but the customer as well.

    19. Improved interactions

      When an employee feels like they successfully communicate with their superiors and vice versa, this leads to a less tense relationship and a more friendly work environment. Strict workplaces can be stifling to new ideas and creative ways to improve business operations.

    20. Finding solutions

      Having problems arise is a normal part of running a business. The way to ensure success is how you face, and handle said problems. Through effective communication, employees and managers can exchange ideas freely and implement solutions that can resolve the problem.

Final Thoughts

Being able to be transparent, listen, problem solve, concise, positive, make employees feel involved, and cohesive are some of the pillars of effective communication. When these values are implemented in real-life workplace scenarios, the benefits can be abundant.


Kierra Benson is an alumnus of the University of North Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Technology. She previously completed an internship at a local newspaper and worked as a content creator for a small online business. Her goal is to work in the media industry in writing/editing and advertising. She has always been fascinated by how messages are marketed in the media to influence the masses and sell products. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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TechFunnel Contributors | TechFunnel.com is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...


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