Benefits of Integrating Talent Management with HRIS
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Benefits of Integrating Talent Management with HRIS

Benefits of Integrating Talent Management with HRIS

What are the primary benefits of integrating talent management with a human resource management system?  

Talent management is a very important process to include in your business procedures. Without a proper talent management system in place, you will not be able to attract and retain employees that will help your business grow.

Having a single integrated talent management system in your company can simplify and coordinate all efforts of human resources. Implementing a single talent management system will allow your company to share data more effectively and seamlessly, while also allowing your employees to perform better and more strategically. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits integrated talent management can offer your organization.

Benefits of Integrating Talent Management with HRIS

It can sometimes feel overwhelming to juggle all of the aspects of human resources but having the right Talent Management System (TMS) in place can make your HR efforts much easier. Here are just a few ways that integrating a talent management system with your human resource information system can be very beneficial to your company.

#1 Hiring Process

When you integrate a talent management system into your human resource efforts, your talent management process will become more streamlined and effective. By integrating hiring processes like job descriptions, applicant tracking, pre-employment assessments, background checks, and even drug testing, you can ensure that you’re only bringing high-quality talent into your organization.

Also, with an integrated talent management system, all the data you acquire about new hires during the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes can be imported into their employee profile to be used in other areas of talent management. This will not only reduce time-consuming data entry but also eliminate the opportunity for clerical errors.

#2 Happier Employees

Another benefit of integrating talent management with your human resource information system is it will help you maintain long-term relationships with employees and can dramatically reduce turnover. With an integrated talent management system, you’re able to easily update employee information, view pay stubs, and manage benefits from a single talent management program. This not only gives employees peace of mind but also helps them stay productive at work, making your organization more money. Integrated talent management systems also make it easier to manage benefit plans that will not only attract productive employees but retain them as well.

#3 Better Business Decisions

When HR systems are integrated, you’ll have access to accurate data that will help drive smarter business decisions. With the end-to-end view that integrated talent management solutions provide, you have a better vantage point to see patterns within the organization data that make it much easier to determine how decisions will affect other areas of the company. Talent management tools also help you mitigate roadblocks by eliminating clerical errors that can be difficult to find but easily lead to cash flow problems.

Objectives of Talent Management in HRIS

The main objectives of talent management in your human resource information system is to attract and retain happy, engaged, talented employees. By integrating a talent management system into your organization, you will see:

• More Effective Recruiting
• Better Workforce Planning
• More Strategic Planning & Goal Alignment
• More Effective Coaching
• Better Leadership Development
• Better Recognition Programs
• More Diversity and Inclusion
• Better Engagement
• Better Retention

Having a talent management strategy in place is essential for your company to operate smoothly. Without a talent management plan, you will not be able to attract, motivate, develop, and retain engaged, talented employees. This can easily lead to your organization not achieving their organizational goals and even failure as a business.

Emily Pribanic
Emily Pribanic
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