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VidMob Raises $25 Million

VidMob Raises $25 Million

The first of it’s kind, full stack creative technology platform, VidMob, announced that it has closed its Series B fundraising round, raising $25 Million. The round was led by BuildGroup, and witnessed participation from existing investors including Acadia Woods, Herington LLC, Interlock Partners, Macanta Investments, LP’s of Manifest, and You & Mr Jones. This brings the company’s total capital raised to more than $45 million. This latest round of funding will be used to further develop VidMob’s Agile Creative Studio.

Built on a proprietary pipeline of machine learning services and data processing integrated with social platform APIs, the Agile Creative Studio provides precise and actionable creative insights. The company’s global network of content creators delivers improved ads while campaigns are live, yielding significant improvements in campaign metrics.


VidMob Raises $25 Million

Over the past two years alone, VidMob has seen its revenue grow by over 35x and is currently an official creative partner of Facebook, Instagram, Google/YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn among others.

Its roster of clients includes global brands and companies such as Bayer, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Ikea, Neutrogena, True&Co, Acorns, Publicis, Ogilvy, and Universal McCann.

“Marketers want access to their own data, and VidMob’s Agile Creative Studio is helping them unleash an entirely new category of first-party data, creative data,” said Alex Collmer, CEO and Founder, VidMob. “But data without the ability to act on it is useless, and by coupling insights with VidMob’s workflow platform and creative talent marketplace, brands are able to do what matters—use data to power a tight create-and-learn loop, and in doing so, improve their creative and drive better results.”

“VidMob has been blessed from day one with an incredible group of investors, and I couldn’t imagine a better addition than the team at BuildGroup, both professionally and culturally,” Collmer added. “Lanham and his team helped pioneer the category of enterprise cloud services, and we can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and get to work with them.”

“The VidMob team has developed a technology platform that has already proven itself to be a huge benefit to advertisers, not only offering up meaningful insights but also providing the tools and talent to quickly and cost-effectively activate on that intelligence,” said Lanham Napier, Co-Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, BuildGroup. “But it’s their vision for the future that gets us most excited.  As the world moves towards more complex forms of communication, the idea of an API for creativity is so powerful that you can see it becoming another foundational service layer of the web. We are thrilled to begin working with them to accelerate this vision.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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