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By Techfunnel Author - Published on September 15, 2021
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The pressure is mounting on financial advisors from commoditization to democratization of financial advice. Therefore, financial CRM software has become necessary for financial advisors. Currently, financial CRM software is infused with technology. So, financial advisors can use them for different purposes ranging from tailored communication to generating deep business insights and more.

Let’s see below what financial CRM software is and what features you must look at while selecting the best for your business.

So, here we go:

What is Financial Advisors CRM Software?

A CRM software for financial advisors is a strategic tool that financial advisors leverage to better understand their customers and how they can interact with their consultancy. However, it is always important to integrate financial CRM software with your previous technology stack to make the most out of it.

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What are the features of Financial Advisors CRM Software?

  • Contact management

    An effective CRM for financial advisors must provide you a searchable database of your client’s contact information along with important documents such as sales proposals and contract details.

  • Activity Streams

    Communication and collaboration are essential for financial advisors. So, financial CRM software must allow these activities to happen from anywhere. With this, financial advisors can keep their staff in the loop. Activity streams in financial CRM software are similar to social networks for your organization.

  • Calendar Events

    Any financial CRM software should let a financial advisor manage a comprehensive directory of upcoming conferences and events in the form of a calendar.

  • File Storage

    To maximize data usefulness, it must be stored properly. For this, one of the key features of financial CRM software should be data storage. So, you can easily and efficiently pull up important data while working.

  • Task Management

    CRM solutions must provide advisory management help to increase their business with efficient task management. So, they can have more time to work on their client research and financial research.

  • Automated Workflows

    Automated workflows are important and can help financial advisors reduce time on repetitive tasks and focus on strategy. Therefore, automated workflows are important to consider.

  • Opportunity Tracking

    Tracking the opportunities your team has captured is an important yet basic CRM feature. Having it will let you identify the leads that are likely to convert.

  • Portfolio Integrations

    No financial CRM software will be complete without portfolio integrations. With this, the software can consolidate essential data into a single platform for efficient access to the portfolio information of clientele.

  • Advanced Security

    A financial CRM software program must develop advanced security features to avoid any information exchange, identity theft, fraud, or any sensitive information being stolen.

  • System Reporting

    A Financial CRM software can capture huge data and analyze it for efficient system reporting. An effective CRM solution can give you insights into the mishaps and success of your previous work. You can use system reporting data to make more informed decisions easily.

Top Financial Advisors CRM Software

Do you want to know some of the best CRM software for financial advisors? Here we have enlisted some of the top options you can consider.

So, here we go:

  • PractiFI

    It is an effective business management solution for financial advisors. Moreover, it will let you run your business on the cloud, integrate point solutions, automate workflows, and ensure to engage with more customers meaningfully. It lets you automate repetitive tasks and integrate the best tools and curate a powerful financial advice platform.

    Overall, it can let you maximize revenue by extending every client relationship value.

  • Wealthbox

    Wealthbox is an amazingly designed, feature-rich, and intuitive financial CRM software which makes it an amazing choice for independent advisors and financial firms alike. Since Wealthbox had founded in 2014, the platform made amazing headway in the space of financial advisory. At present, this program has captured the second largest market share in the industry.

    Overall, Wealthbox is an easy-to-use platform that only comes up with a small learning curve and can benefit you in numerous ways. This program offers everything that a financial advisor needs to operate successfully.

  • Tamarac CRM

    Are you looking for financial CRM software that can let you provide an excellent customer experience with superior services and amazing features? Tamarac CRM is what you should consider then. It is the most trusted financial CRM software to provide best-end client services and superior features.

    This software is well-known for providing best-in-class solutions that are suitable for any size of financial advisor firm. It also comes up with business intelligence capabilities and the ability to pull data automatically from integrated systems. It can also let you create efficient business intelligent reports for added benefits.

  • Junxure

    Junxure platform can integrate with the major back-office solutions, tech providers, and top custodians. Therefore, Junxure has made its place among the best financial advisors’ CRM software in 2021. It can capture data reliably from top companies and let you experience amazing benefits to manage your tasks without any hassle.

  • NexJ Intelligent

    NexJ Intelligent CRM leverages AI to reduce the time that financial advisors spend on activities that are non-revenue generating dramatically. It also recommends advisors’ right actions to generate assets under effective management and automate time-consuming tasks. It also enables you to partner with customers to provide them efficient services.

  • UGRU Financial CRM

    This financial CRM software was started in 2011 to reduce the limitations of other CRM programs. It is a platform that has everything you can think of for an efficient financial advisors’ team. It is a full-features financial CRM software that is here to provide the highest quality solutions. Even more, it also provides a compatible mobile app for enhanced convenience.

  • Satuit CRM

    Here we have another simple yet powerful financial CRM software that offers you a front-office solution that can be easily delivered as an on-premises or hosted application. This tool is suitable for all types and sizes of financial advisory firms. It also comes up with amazing features and can let you track complex relationships as well.

  • Redtail Technology

    One of the coolest features of this financial advisor’s CRM software is known as Speak. This feature can let you text clients over an entire complaint system that is built into the CRM already. Along with that, it also allows you to send attachments, keep track of your clients’ conversations, and confirmed deliveries with automated software.

  • Salesforce

    Salesforce may not be the easiest financial advisors CRM software to implement. However, it is definitely one of the best ones to consider due to its wide range of components that make salesforce a more customizable solution for financial advisors. Also, it can benefit them in numerous ways.

  • RedBlack

    This financial advisor CRM software demonstrates its expertise with its industry-leading presence. Some of the common features that it offers include the ability to rebalance accounts, create custom dashboards and set up efficient trade authorization to experience added benefits.

Final Thoughts

Overall, having CRM software for financial advisors is necessary to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your financial advisory firm. However, after having detailed information about everything in this regard, you must choose the best financial advisors CRM software as per your needs to start enjoying its benefits in the best possible way.

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