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Featured Company : Datavail


ABOUT Datavail:

Datavail is a data and technology expert company that provides services and support to help businesses get the most of their organizational data. Datavail helps clients collect, manage, and derive value from their organizational data, as well as streamlines processes through software integration and custom development. With Datavail’s over 1,000 data and development experts, they’re able to turn organizational data into a competitive advantage for companies with their intelligent enterprise solutions, data management, project management, analytics, and DBA support. The tools Datavail offers for database care and application performance monitoring are cost-efficient and allow companies to correct problems before they impact their operations.

Datavail prides themselves with hiring employees who show experience and proficiency and mesh with their corporate values. Datavail embraces problem-solving and seeks employees who treat every day as a new learning opportunity. Since Datavail is committed to their clients and colleagues, they value flexibility and hard workers who are growth-oriented. Datavail invests in their data experts and expands their skillsets because they believe helping their employees grow will allow their clients to grow as well. Datavail believes if they continue to grow, they’ll be able to help more customers leverage their organizational data for better business value.

Datavail has a desire to serve and they earnestly care about their clients, colleagues, and everyone who depends on the systems and databases they support. Datavail believes in putting the needs of their clients first but also understands and supports a work-life balance for their employees. Datavail believes a job well-done is more important than awards and accolades and working hard is the best way to help their clients successfully. Datavail strives for continuous improvement and as their clients evolve, so must their systems.

Datavail may only be a decade old but they understand that investing in their employees to expand their skillsets and keeping their clients ahead of organizational challenges is the best way to grow their client’s business and themselves. This growth-oriented attitude has landed Datavail on the list of fastest-growing private companies with no intentions of slowing down anytime soon.

Datavail FAST FACTS:

  • Created:2008
  • Headquarters: Broomfield, Co
  • Industry: Data Management
  • Revenue: $24 Million
  • Stock Symbol: Privately Held Company
  • Nice to Know: Has over 1,000 data and development experts and one of the largest remote data services companies in North America

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