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Featured Company: ConnectandSell

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About ConnectandSell:

ConnectandSell started in 2007 and since then, has implemented new methods to help sales reps connect with more prospects. They have worked with nearly 1000 companies, many on the Fortune 500 list. ConnectandSell helps companies, from established businesses to tech startups, overcome the ever-increasing challenge of getting people on the phone. ConnectandSell has made a name for themselves by helping companies grow their revenue streams faster without the hindrance of having to grow their sales teams. ConnectandSell accomplishes this by allowing sales reps to have more sales conversations in a shorter amount of time.

With ConnctandSell’s technology, they enable sales teams to overcome limitations and increase the number of live conversations they have each day by getting rid of dialing, voice-mails, gate-keepers, and the need to navigate IVR phone directories. ConnectandSell offers a first-of-its-kind solution that not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness of critical business functions, but also helps companies find quality marketing leads, improve their channel market development, and increase their outbound prospecting efforts.

ConnectandSell has created patented technology to help companies improve their sales outreach practices and even integrates with most CRM systems including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. With ConnectandSell, companies can guarantee that their system of record is always up to date and that their sales teams will be much more productive. ConnectandSell is the only patented, award-winning cloud solution for B2B sales teams. With their patented closed-loop calling process, automatic CRM data entry and updates, and prioritized lead persistence, ConnectandSell is guaranteed to help BRB sales teams land more qualified leads.

Many top companies like IBM, Infoblox, Varonis, TriNet, and SAP trust ConnectandSell to increase their revenue streams. With their Lightning, OutboundonDemand, and InstantResponse platforms, ConnectandSell has the right solution for every company’s needs so whether you’re a marketing leader or a sales leader, ConnectandSell can help you reach your goals.

ConnectandSell  FAST FACTS:

  • Created:  2007
  • Headquarters:  Los Gatos, CA
  • Industry: Computer Software
  • Revenue: $22.6 Million
  • Stock Symbol:  Privately Held Company
  • Nice to Know: can help sales reps make between 250-1,000 calls per day and has worked with Fortune 500 companies like IBM and SAP.

ConnectandSell  VIPs:

  • Founder and Executive Chairman: Shawn McLaren
  • CEO: Chris Beall
  • CTO: Hitesh Shah
  • CFO: Manny Bulotano
  • SVP of Sales & Marketing: Jonti McLaren

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