The Changing Face of Market Research in the Digital Age
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The Changing Face of Market Research in the Digital Age

Research in the Digital Age

Guest post by Bhavika Sharma

Technology continues to change all areas of our lives. Whether it is making our work portable or making the purchase process easy when buying a product, technology has become indispensable. Finance and banking have also evolved into becoming more customer-oriented by being easily available on the phone.

Your brand needs to stand out in the crowd, stand out from the millions of options that your customers might have. In order to make sure your customers feel drawn to your product, you have to make sure it fulfills your customer’s needs. You have to make sure your customers are SATISFIED!

Here are a few ways to cut through the noise and make your brand shine in the digital age by improving customer satisfaction:

Interactive Chatbots

Interactive chatbots are becoming essential in building online customer satisfaction. Chatbots provide instant gratification and satisfaction as they enable your customers to get their queries and concerns answered and addressed almost instantly.

Interactive chatbots can be divided into two categories:

  • Informational Chatbots
    This is where a software caters to the person’s informational needs. Siri, Cortana are examples of the most famous informational chatbots
  • Utility Chatbots
    These chatbots help you navigate a website and make a transaction.

Have you ever interacted with Facebook Messenger‘s Fandango chatbot? It will help you watch a movie trailer, pick a local theater that is screening it, and more.

A utility chatbot also helps you solve problems and pick items. A HubSpot research study states that more than 71% of the people who turn to chatbots do it for customer assistance, to get their problems solved fast. And, when a customer’s problem is solved fast, customer satisfaction is achieved.

Higher customer satisfaction, the more likely the customer will return to avail the service.

This tech also is a more cost-effective way of dealing with customers than hiring customer relationship staff.

Blockchain Marketing

The big win for blockchain marketing is the fact that it builds customer trust with its transparency and the fact that it eliminates the middleman.

In the first case, blockchain technology ensures that consumers have the power of whether or not they want to share their information with advertisers. This can have many implications.

For example, currently, a digital marketer, such as a retail website, is paying a third-party app like Facebook to access information from consumers.

Blockchain will eliminate the middleman, like Facebook, and let the marketers (in this case, the retail website) to start paying the consumers directly to have access to their information. Another way blockchain marketing can help gain the customer’s trust is through transparency. An interesting example of this is IBM’s collaboration with leaders in the gold and diamond industries to form TrustChain, which offers customers the ability to track their purchased jewelry, from mine to market.

Overall, blockchain marketing promotes a higher level of customer satisfaction for its customers.

Market Research Software

Market research helps you make better decisions for your brand after taking into consideration what customers want to gauge from it. If you have ever used any Apple products, may it be an iPhone or an iPad, you will see a pattern of how their designs have been modified to suit their customer’s needs. An example of this is the bigger screens to make video viewing better. Their market research online survey, known as the “Apple Customer Group” helps gather data to understand what customers like or dislike in a product.

In the same way, and effective software for market research can help you fetch accurate data about customers, competitors, and the target market online. The right market research software will help you in picking the right survey audience, asking them the right questions and gathering the right insights from the data that has been collected. It should be able to give you data on how to mold your product in a way that will satisfy the customers.

For your marketing strategy to be effective, it is necessary to evolve — because the digital marketing world moves fast, and you have to move along with it. The latest trends in marketing can help you analyze customer behavior more accurately.


Bhavika SharmaBhavika Sharma

Bhavika Sharma is a survey designer at SurveySparrow, where she designs surveys that work by making them more conversational and engaging, fetching 40% more responses. When she isn’t designing killer surveys, she loves to travel in search of adventure and to meet new people. Her travel experiences have taught her the importance of conversation and that is what she brings to the table while creating surveys or content for her readers. Connect with Bhavika on LinkedIn.