Skyline G Celebrates 7 Years of Pioneering Scalable Leadership Development
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SkylineG Celebrates 7 Years of Pioneering Scalable Leadership Development

Skyline G

PRESS RELEASE — SAN FRANCISCO — Leadership development is a $366 billion dollar industry, yet a majority of leadership-development programs fail to reach their objective. The average leadership program satisfaction rating is only 35%.

So why are we excited? Because after seven years, our revolutionary approach to leadership development has achieved results that eclipse those of other programs:

  • 84% leader satisfaction;
  • 100% of leaders reporting increased skill development for all competencies chosen; and
  • 96% of leaders reporting seeing an increase in skill development.

Inspired from our decades of working with companies to develop their leaders, and from seeing the impact of traditional 1:1 coaching and the opportunity to provide coaching to a much wider audience, we sought to find a better way.

One of the biggest challenges for companies seeking to coach many people is inconsistency in what the leader is learning and how a coach coaches. C4X solves these problems by providing a coaching methodology and roadmap for leadership behavior change that is consistent and scalable.

Only Skyline G’s C4X offers the methodology, proprietary content, process, skill-development tracking, and measurable results.  No other company offers this. Nobody.

Over the course of the last seven years, thousands of leaders have experienced C4X, and have learned, grown and reached new levels of personal and professional success. The results range from promotions and raise to professional fulfillment and a clearer sense of purpose.

Companies who have deployed Skyline G’s C4X solution have experienced measurable skill improvement and return on their leadership investment. They have correlated C4X to not only individual behavioral transformation, but also company impact and results.

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