Netflix Collides with Black Twitter with Launch of X On Demand
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Netflix Collides with Black Twitter with Launch of X On Demand

Netflix Collides with Black Twitter with Launch of X On Demand

Announced in fall of 2018, X On Demand ( is now finally live. The TV and movie streaming service is now live, and boasts of a growing library of works by Black filmmakers, with at least one person of Black American/African descent in a leading role both in front of and behind the lens – prerequisites for a project to be considered for the site.

While billing itself as a platform “dedicated to showcasing works by Black filmmakers and content creators,” XOD steps up the streaming game by incorporating a bevy of social media features – something Netflix lacks.

“When I originally set out to create the site, I knew that I wanted it to be something that would be a game changer for Black creators, like myself, who were struggling to find a home for their work,” says X On Demand Founder and CEO Rashidah De Vore. “After I began doing more research into the market and breaking down the pros and cons of what was out there, I realized I needed to do something more to really set us apart. It was then that I started looking towards not only making XOD an entertainment destination from the streaming end but in a way that was culturally relevant to the Black community. We’re already using a mix of platforms to voice our opinions on shows and movies we’ve watched – why not have it all in one place.”

XOD offers serious competition to market leader Netflix, as it has social sharing options, a brilliant social objective of uplifting the African American community in the entertainment industry, and more affordability as compared to Netflix.

XOD offers three monthly subscription plans, ranging from a free basic plan to a premium plan costing $9.99. Each includes Ultra HD and HD video streaming (where applicable), and the site is accessible across all desktop, laptop, and mobile devices – with dedicated mobile and TV apps set to debut later this year.

To celebrate its launch, the first 5000 Gold plan subscribers ($4.99/month) will receive their first month free. Certain features, such as video chatting, are only available on the Gold and Black ($9.99/month) plans.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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