Morning TV Battle Gets Ugly as GMA Releases Digital Newsletter
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Morning TV Battle Gets Ugly as GMA Releases Digital Newsletter

In an attempt to develop its digital and social channels, especially for the morning slot, ABC News has come up with a new website called The website consists of original digital and social content and a daily newsletter called the GMA Wake-up.

“What we have done is create a sharp and fun slate of new content on new platforms, which allows us to reach not only our GMA audience, but maybe reach an audience that hasn’t traditionally watched our show,” GMA senior executive producer Michael Corn told TVNewser.

“Many people are consuming digital-only content, and because of that, the content will be different,” said Corn. “It will no longer only be a tease, it will be more fulfilling, and that’s different from the old way of doing things, and it’s really good for our brand.”

GMA is following its main competitor Today.Com as it is also making efforts to establish themselves in this area. has verticals dedicated to parenting, style, and food. It also has a feature in which viewers can buy items recommended by, or featured on, the program. NBC news has created a few original video series for the site and aims to expand on these efforts. A person familiar with the matter said that a redesign is in process.

This rise in efforts to increase the digital presence is due to the fact that both the networks realize that GMA and Today are not just for morning audiences. NBC discovered that the audience number for goes up at 8 pm. ABC News counts on having ample amount of content to engage a different kind of audience. Corn says that, “We have so much content and a two-hour program isn’t even enough for the number of stories we have to tell, and the amount of information we have.”

“In the past, the digital operation and the broadcast were basically silos,” GMA Senior EP Michael Corn told Deadline. “Now it’s one big team, and we’re all working toward the same thing, which is building a huge audience regardless of where they view our content. It’s about building an audience for our brand. I love morning television, but the brand is more important than the platform.”

Tanuja Thombre
Tanuja Thombre
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