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Mixpanel Expands Business Offerings

Mixpanel Expands Business Offerings

Mixpanel, the world’s leading user analytics platform, recently announced the launch of a special initiative to unlock advanced analytic insights for start-ups and nonprofits.

With this, Mixpanel is going double-down on its commitment to help organizations grow by improving their end users’ experience and helping them make data-informed product and marketing decisions. Through this initiative, start-ups will receive 90% off of Mixpanel’s Enterprise price, and nonprofits will receive up to 10,000 free Monthly Tracked Users, plus an 80% discount for additional tracked users.

Startups and nonprofits thus have the opportunity to take advantage of the same industry-leading user analytics capabilities already employed by Mixpanel’s growing worldwide customer base of 26,000 companies, including big names such as Shutterfly, DocuSign, Lemonade, and Hinge.

“Building a product that customers can’t live without starts with a deep understanding of their needs,” said Amir Movafaghi, CEO of Mixpanel. “With access to Mixpanel’s most advanced features, start-ups can do complex behavioral analysis and collaborate across their teams to unlock faster growth.”


David Hunt, Head of Digital at Breast Cancer Care, a UK-wide charity providing support and information to anyone affected by breast cancer, says: “Breast Cancer Care is absolutely delighted with Mixpanel’s new initiative, allowing us to access advanced insights. As we’re currently developing ways to improve the experience of women with breast cancer who use our app, BECCA, these in-depth analytics, and targeted engagements are vital.”

Through this initiative, nonprofits have the ability to make use of advanced analytics to answer complex questions about donor and constituent behavior and then make use of that knowledge to invest in the areas with the biggest potential impact for good. Mixpanel’s ultimate goal is to help growing organizations and nonprofits get their start and place data at the center of their operations.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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