Game On! Content Marketing World Heads to Cleveland in September
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Game On! Content Marketing World Heads to Cleveland in September

Do you need a boost to your content marketing strategy or want to reinvigorate your content marketing team? There’s a place for that.

The largest content marketing event is almost here. Content Marketing World Conference and Expo, a powerful event where content marketers can learn, grow, and network with some of the best and brightest in the industry, will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, from September 4-7.

Why Content Marketing World?

Some of the largest brands in the world realize that content is the future of marketing, sales, and advertising. Companies such as Netflix, Apple, and Coca-Cola have bet significant portions of their budget on creating and driving engaging content. While competition in content is fierce especially when it comes to search engine optimization and search rankings, marketers are quickly rising up to the challenge. According to Content Marketing Institute, nearly 90% of B2B marketers in North America actively use content marketing in their overall digital strategies.

Content Marketing World will not only confirm the importance of creating and marketing great content, but will take attendees a big step further in how to use data, social media, analytics, storytelling, influencer marketing, email marketing, and a host of other elements to make content work for you and your company.

Award-winning producer, writer and actor, Tina Fey, will headline the event. Other speakers include Twitch Director of Business Development, Jane Weedon; MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer, Ann Handley; and President of T Brand Marketing Solutions at The New York Times, Amber Guild.

The agenda lists a wide range of sessions including:

  • How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Build and Optimize Content
  • Rocket Science Simplified: How to Optimize, Socialize and Publicize B2B Content
  • 12 Principles of Contagious Content
  • Relationship Building That’s Vital to Make Your Content Marketing Thrive
  • A Marketer’s New Secret Weapon: Using Data for Fast, Fresh Content

Registration is still open for Content Marketing World. According to the organization’s website: “No matter what role you play – from CEO to content creator and everyone between – this is the place to learn from the people who are not only succeeding at content marketing today, but can tell you how things will evolve tomorrow.”

With over 4000 attendees expected, 225 of the industry’s speakers, leaders, and thinkers, 550 companies from all industries, and over 123 hours of sessions, keynotes, networking, and entertainment, you are bound to meet some new people, gain insights to take back to your team, discover new and exciting ideas, and have a fun time.

Danni White
Danni White
Danni White is the Director of Content Development at Bython Media, the parent company of,,, List.Events, and

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