Cedato Launches Instream Video Ad Platform IntentView
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Cedato Launches Instream Video Ad Platform IntentView (WATCH)

Cedato Launches Instream Video Ad Platform IntentView

Cedato launches the next generation of instream video with new video ad platform IntentView, offering marketers true engagement metrics.

Leading programming-based video operating system Cedato has launched IntentView. IntentView is a unique concept, an engagement driven video ad platform. The device is pending for patent registration, but it is said to help marketers to derive value from user-initiated impressions and publishers can capture higher revenue out of these impressions.

For the moment, Cedato is an operating system for modern video that provides a complete SaaS based video technology to publishers and advertisers. This tool provides value by enhancing the viewing experience.

With the new platform IntentView, marketers have to pay only for the user-initiated views.

Furthermore, marketers get access to free brand exposure in premium content, with users who doe no initiate the ad. The new platform can be accessed by all standard “programmatic buying platforms.”

Yair Miranda, COO of Cedato, said, “IntentView provides better video engagement metrics because it is user initiated, and the net branding effect is far greater than instream. By giving users a choice, providing marketers with more genuine and accurate metrics and guaranteeing publishers additional revenue, IntentView succeeds in delivering better performance without compromising user experience.”

Over and above the benefit of IntentView, the platform comes with the existing video technology stack of Cedato, that boosts around 15 million impressions in a month across mobile, web and connected TV. For publishers, IntentView opens up a whole new channel for generating revenue through video with exceptional user experience. IntentView can be easily integrated with any existing video infrastructure.

Cedato noted in a statement about the launch of IntentView, “Our seamlessly integrated video stack helps to deliver a great viewing experience in a complex cross-platform and cross-device environment all through one tag. Built for mobile, desktop and Connected TV, the HTML5 Player performs at lightning-speed across all screens and devices. It simply loads and smoothly delivers a consistent experience even in complex mobile autoplay and click-to-play formats.”

Cedato also operates one of the fastest growing private video marketplaces that powers over 15B video impressions across mobile, web and connected TV.

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