Beyonce Teams with Google for HBCU Scholarships 
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Beyonce Teams with Google for HBCU Scholarships 

A week ago, between her consecutive victory performances at Coachella, Beyoncé announced that her BeyGOOD activity would give $25,000 each to four black schools and colleges for the 2018-2019 school year. Her noteworthy feature on April 14 was the “impetus to mark” the new grant program. Google ventured in to coordinate Beyoncé’s $100,000 give away and empower education at four additional HBCUs to get $25,000 grants.

“Partnering with organizations like in support of HBCUs is our way of elevating cultural touchstones that paint a clear picture of excellence and opportunity through diverse education,” states Ivy McGregor, Director of Philanthropy and Corporate Relations at Parkwood Entertainment, which houses BeyGOOD. “We challenge other businesses across the country to join us in this commitment to higher education and investment in the future.”

BeyGOOD’s scholarships reserves are going to Xavier University of Louisiana, Wilberforce University, Tuskegee University, and Bethune-Cookman University. The Google-empowered grants will help Texas Southern University, Fisk University, Grambling State University, and Morehouse school.

“As a Morehouse graduate myself, I can attest that HBCUs provide both an excellent educational opportunity, as well as a community of support that lasts a lifetime,” says Steve Pamon, President and COO of Parkwood Entertainment, the company serving as the umbrella for Beyoncé’s production and business ventures.  “The lifeblood of that community is an annual pilgrimage to homecoming.  This scholarship program can ensure that more students will enjoy the HBCU experience that continues to enrich my life.”

“Google understands the vital role historically black colleges and universities play in delivering a high quality and culturally responsive education,” states Maab Ibrahim, a program manager. “In the last several years, Google has launched innovative programs to close the distance between Silicon Valley and HBCUs; we are proud to continue that commitment by matching Beyoncé’s generous donation.”

The generous Coachella set, housed on a pyramid stage with 150 or more cast individuals, in a state of harmony, was the first time the star graced the stage in more than one year. The show, with its tribute to perfection in training, was a festival of the homecoming week, a unique display of school pride.

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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