Why You Need a Social Advertising Strategy
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Why You Need a Social Advertising Strategy

why you need a social advertising strategy

Social media advertising has become the primary source of advertising for a lot of businesses. The sheer amount of audiences available on any of the social media platforms is enormous as compared to any other medium. And that is why it becomes imperative for every business to determine which social media platform will give you the maximum viewership and eventually a response.

The choice of the right social media platform for advertising your products and services entirely depends on the goal or the objective you are trying to achieve. So, for the marketer, choosing social media advertising depends on factors related to the type and quality of audience. Focusing on quality content, reliable products, and services and giving added value will help you identify what social network works best for your marketing efforts.

To achieve this, Marketo gives a guide to define your social advertising strategy:

1— Define your goals
The procedure and the key performance metrics related to your paid social campaign will differ according to the goals you are trying to achieve by the end of the campaign. That is how the goals you set will help you determine the most relevant offers and content for your objectives.

2— Identify your audience
Thorough knowledge of the kind of demographics you are trying to reach is the next important step in this process. There are different ways through which you would be able to target a specific set of audiences on social platforms. And to do so, you need to be entirely aware of the target audience.

3— Pick the right social media platform and content
Once you have identified the target audience, match the audience with the right social media platform. This will guarantee excellent results. This is because the viewers available on every platform have different reasons and expectations for that particular media platform.

4— Select targeting options
Due to the advancement in digital marketing, marketers are now able to identify and target the exact type of audience that is most likely going to use their products or services. Make use of different attributes like, interests, skills, titles, company names and even list of marketing automation platform.

5— Create and measure your campaigns
This is the most critical step to measure the success your campaign. There are various methods through which you can track the performance of your campaign. You can follow this at a surface level depending on what you are trying to achieve, or you can get into microanalysis. Click and form fills, tracking qualified leads, sales opportunities, and revenue generated per campaign are some of the most basic methods.

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