Is There Value in an All-in-One Tracking Platform?

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Guest Contribution by Tiara Gazarian, Director of Sales and Client Relations, Phonexa

As trends in technology advance, there are more advanced software solutions available than ever before in the lead generation space—but which ones are actually useful to marketing professionals?

That is a question I have considered in my years of experience working in lead generation. Every year, new technologies are rolled out with claims of streamlining the operations of lead gen businesses and netting new profits. But those of us in the industry have seen plenty of these products come and go, not always delivering on what they promise.

Now to make sense of the complicated business of managing leads that come in via multiple channels is the concept of an all-in-one lead tracking and distribution platform for optimizing web and call campaigns from Phonexa. Though I’m sure there are many other skeptical lead gen professionals like me who become wary of “game-changing” technologies, I suspect they will see that an all-in-one is the software solution with significant real-world value.

The Importance of Tracking Leads

With so many different ways to get leads today, there is still tremendous value on the web and inbound call leads. Calls remain a dominant force in lead generation, especially thanks to the near-universal adoption of smartphones and the option to “click to call.”

At the same time, web leads also play a massive role in the strategies of many marketers. In a survey shared on Hubspot, 74% of marketers said they used web forms for lead generation, while 49.7% of marketers described web forms as their “highest converting lead generation tool.” It’s clear that you can enjoy strong lead generation performance by driving both call traffic or using web forms. Often, businesses will have to choose between these channels: being forced to focus on just one channel because of resource limitations. But the real limitation isn’t from the lead generation business, but the software solutions that have been available.

Different Channels and Solutions

In the past, marketers have been able to select from a few options when looking to track leads and get attribution data insights. There are some platforms that allow businesses to handle their web lead tracking and distribution. Those looking to focus on call tracking have had platform options as well, while others still focus solely on email marketing. But historically it has been rare to have one solution that can handle web lead management, call tracking and analytics, and email marketing—all connected via an integrated accounting system.

Rare, of course, until Phonexa’s all-in-one solution became available and empowered marketers to optimize their call and web campaigns on a single platform. This unification of managing different kinds of marketing leads is both innovative and common sense. Many lead generators have felt they needed to choose one lead channel to focus their attention on while neglecting other channels that could be just as successful. An all-in-one platform removes those limitations.

Getting More with All-in-One

The greatest benefit of utilizing an all-in-one platform is the newfound freedom and flexibility that lead generation professionals to have once they are no longer hamstrung by using multiple solutions to run their campaigns. Marketers can view their call traffic volume in Phonexa’s Call Logic platform and then adjust their web lead filters in Phonexa’s LMS Sync—all without having to switch logins from one SaaS solution to another. Plus an integrated accounting system means all your financials are in one place, making it easier to measure and compare campaign ROI.

It’s more than just ease of use, though, that makes an all-in-one solution so valuable. With the ability to scale up across different traffic sources like web leads, inbound calls, and email marketing prospects, marketers have the freedom to grow their business by leaps and bounds. The Phonexa platform has no capacity restrictions on how much volume you can do in a day. With other solutions, marketers have had to spread thousands of leads across multiple different kinds of software—essentially keeping their full potential locked up. An all-in-one solution removes these factors that have traditionally weighed down businesses.

The Value of an All-in-One Solution

The critical challenge that an all-in-one solution is faced with is a question of quality: can all the capabilities of an all-in-one solution match the volume, features, speed, and ease-of-use as anyone standalone platform? In the case of Phonexa, I’m proud to say that the answer is “yes.” A recent report compiled by BIA Advisory Services compared the functionality of Phonexa to two other major call tracking software providers. By meeting and out-performing the capabilities of other call tracking platforms, the Phonexa all-in-one platform proved that it was more than just another entrant on the lead gen marketing space—it was a true disrupter.

The benefits of a market-leading call tracking platform with platforms for lead management, email marketing, and integrated accounting quickly become apparent once lead generators realize they can get the same, or better, marketing solutions in a single streamlined package. By putting an end to needless “solution hopping,” an all-in-one solution gives marketers more time to build out their campaign strategies. They are suddenly unencumbered by the effort of managing all their leads and calls and can instead focus on improving their ROI, generating more leads, and dramatically scaling up their business. Such benefits make it apparent to me, and other lead gen professionals, that there is a tremendous value to be gained from an all-in-one solution.


As Director of Sales, Tiara Gazarian’s focus is on working with the sales team to identify and connect with clients that could benefit from using Phonexa. As Director of Client Relations, ara works directly with clients to help them learn and manage their platform, paying special attention to best practices for their business and how Phonexa’s platform can make their business operations more effective and efficient. She is also the liaison between clients and the tech team to create features and capabilities that increase efficiency and aid growth. Tiara has a long history of assisting high-end clientele, beginning her career with experience ranging from luxury retail to corporate sales. Tiara continued to cultivate strong client relationships working in commercial insurance and affiliate marketing before assuming her current management role at Phonexa.

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TechFunnel Contributors | is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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