Top Social Media Management and Reporting Tools
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Top Social Media Management and Reporting Tools

Top Social Media Management and Reporting Tools

The most popular tools for managing your social media platforms.

Using the right social media tools can help to make managing your various social media channels even easier.

When it comes to building your social media strategy, using the right social media tools can make all the difference. Whether you’re growing your brand awareness or hoping to grow your lead generation list, social media can play a critical role in helping to get your brand’s message out to the world.

Instead of frantically managing social channels individually from each of their platforms – updating Facebook every day from the Facebook page, scanning for mentions on Twitter, uploading pictures on Instagram – more and more companies are streamlining how their brand manages the business of social media by using social media marketing tools. Here are some of the best social media tools being used today that are helping businesses capture more interest, generate more business, and create more awareness.


Hootsuite is one of the original social media analytics tools. Not only do they offer integration of social channels – allowing you to post for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram all from one place – you can also schedule up to 30 future posts with their free software. They offer a paid option that offers unlimited future scheduling, as well as more robust reporting and analytics, so you can track the success of your social campaigns.


Another good social media scheduler is called Buffer. This social media marketing software allows you to customize messages for audiences on platforms, as well as posts at optimal times during the day that posts will be more likely to be seen and shared. You can sign up for free and pay for a membership that offers additional features.


This social media software is a program called If This Then That. It allows for businesses to set up a “triggering” event that will then automate what posts should precede it. For instance, if you publish a post to Instagram, you can use this automation program to then cross-post that picture to Facebook and Twitter automatically, expanding your reach and not costing you any extra time.


Klout is a social media monitoring tool that can help you measure your brand’s impact, reach, and popularity. It allows you to track the popularity, mentions, and impact your social media channels and posts are having across the web. Your Klout score helps you track the retweets, likes, and shares of your content and even compare it to other brands.


Social media analysis is an important step in your social media strategy. Tracking the success of your social media efforts is just as important as having the right tools to help you manage and schedule your posts. One of the best social media analytics tools is a program called Cyfe, which lets you link your major social channels and find out things like how many new followers you’ve gained, how much click through traffic you’ve generated, how many impressions you’ve made, and more. It can help you generate an accurate social media report.

There are many different social media tools available for your business. Many of them offer a free membership level that lets you see some of the tools available and try out some of the resources for your own campaigns, making it easy to find the right social media management tool for your needs.

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Marianne Chrisos
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