Tips for CMOs to Use Twitter Like a Professional
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Tips for CMOs to Use Twitter Like a Professional

tips for cmos to use twitter like a professional

Use Twitter as a professional and improve your brand awareness.

Twitter can be an excellent platform to connect with your audience. When used correctly, hashtags and compelling content will be seen by more people and your brand awareness will grow. If used incorrectly though, you will open yourself up to ridicule and your brand image will suffer.

Social media can be a very beneficial tool if used correctly. As a CMO, it is important to keep in mind how effective social media can be to connect with your audience but doing so can be very tricky. When using social media, you need to sound professional while also being engaging. Using professional Twitter etiquette is important to not offend anyone and to make sure your company comes across as knowledgeable and respectful. Using Twitter in a professional manner is not tough, especially if you follow these tips on how to use Twitter professionally.

How to Use Twitter Effectively

Twitter is an excellent platform to connect with your target market. You can use Twitter to search for users but it is not the same as typing something into Google. Twitter’s platform is open and has live updates allowing you to connect with other users through keywords, hashtags, and usernames. To connect with the right people, it is essential to understand how to properly perform Twitter searches.

According to a post Search Engine Journal, here are the three best methods to search on Twitter using keywords:

  • [“search phrase”] this will define an exact match.
  • [“search phrase1” OR “search phrase2”] this will search for one of the words you’re hoping to find.
  • [“search phrase1”-“search phrase2”] this will exclude any word or phrase from your search results. When using this method, do not put a space after the-.

A couple more tips for professional Twitter use it to understand hashtags and know when it’s the best time to reach your audience. Hashtags have become so important that major search engines are now including hashtags in their search results. Hashtags are so important because they can be used to start conversations, share breaking news, promote events and to be on top of the latest trends. When it comes to using hashtags though, it is important to understand what they mean and how they’ll be perceived. If you use a hashtag incorrectly you’re just opening yourself up for major criticism and when that happens, you will not come across as professional at all.

Knowing when it’s the best time to reach your audience is also very important. The best time to promote your brand is when your audience is active on Twitter. A few statistics show that click-through-rates are the highest on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This is probably because people are off work and school and we use our phones a lot to relax and unwind.

Also, keep in mind that retweets are the highest around 5 pm so this is an excellent time to share professional posts with your audience as these posts are more likely to be retweeted around this time. Statistics show that the best times to tweet are between 12 pm-1 pm and 5 pm-6pm. These times are when most people take their lunch break or get off work which means any tweet you share around these times will be more likely to be read and engaged with.

Twitter is an excellent platform to connect with your audience and to do it in a highly professional manner. When hashtags are used correctly and you post compelling content at the right times, your brand will be engaged with more and you are sure to see an increase in your ROI and improved business goals.

Emily Pribanic
Emily Pribanic
Emily is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She has her B.A. in Advertising with a concentration in Copywriting. Emily has been writing since she was young and has a creative imagination. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her family and two cats.

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