Successful Hyperlocal Marketing Strategies for Business
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Successful Hyperlocal Marketing Strategies for Business

Successful Hyperlocal Marketing Strategies for Business

Hyperlocal strategies that are sure to increase the number of your local, loyal customers.

Hyperlocal marketing is the best way to implement your business as a staple in your community. When done correctly, hyperlocal marketing will align your business to be an important part of your community.

What is hyperlocal marketing? Well, hyperlocal means a close area to a specific destination. Therefore, hyperlocal marketing is utilizing marketing efforts in the close area near your business. Hyperlocal marketing is an excellent strategy for small businesses because they have an advantage of using the area they know best to bring in more customers to their business.

Hyperlocal Marketing Strategies

Incorporate Your Business into the Community

A great hyperlocal strategy is to integrate your business into the surrounding community. This will help you build a great amount of brand loyalty and trust with your customers. Knowing the specific needs of the customers you serve will not only get your business noticed but build a strong, positive reputation in the community as well. The best way to integrate your business into the community is to start with a strategic marketing plan that will notify your customers that you are here to serve them and care about their needs. This marketing plan should include social media, direct mail, and mobile messaging efforts.

Make Your Marketing Feel Local

When a local business thrives on appealing to the local community, the marketing efforts made by the business should also feel local and appeal to the surrounding community. Giving your marketing efforts a local feel helps to personalize your marketing plan and appeal to your potential customers on a more familiar basis. People love to feel like one of the family and a personalized, local feeling marking campaign will do just that. Only when people accept a business as part of the community, then that business can build their loyal customer base.

Send Out Direct Emails

Direct emails are an excellent form of hyperlocal digital marketing. Sending direct emails to potential customers helps your engagement efforts and nurtures customer relationships. All successful marketing plans include an email strategy because most people check their emails daily and it is the least intrusive form of advertising. Before the grand opening of your business, or before any major event being held at your business, send out direct mail and email messages to the surrounding community inviting them to help you celebrate. Make sure that the messages feel local and personal to the community and add a call-to-action for them to download your app or visit your business website or social media pages.

Create Relevant Content to the Surrounding Area

For a local business that is looking to build loyal relationships with local community members, it is important to remember to create a marketing plan that works toward this goal. You should partake in community discussions to reveal to the community that you share their ideas and understand their wants and needs. A great hyperlocal marketing idea is to send out newsletters that offer coupons and explain discounts that you are offering for different seasons or even local events.

Provide Individualized Customer Experiences

The best way, once you open your doors to the public, for you to show that you are a unique business, is to provide everyone that walks through your doors with an authentic experience that they cannot receive anywhere else. People love to feel like they’re an individual and this will show your new customers that you don’t just see them as revenue for your shop. Do not rely on promotions and discounts to get people through your door. It is necessary to offer experiences so amazing to your customers that they increase the business to your shop by word of mouth and you become an intricate part of their life.

Catering to a specific area can be challenging but very rewarding when done correctly. Hyperlocal marketing efforts are an excellent way to integrate your business into the surrounding area and make your shop a staple in the community. Hyperlocal marketing may be a relatively new term but the concept is as old as businesses themselves.

Emily Pribanic
Emily Pribanic
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