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Oracle and Tru Optik Strike Deal on Audience Data

Oracle and Tru Optik Strike Deal on Audience Data

Oracle Data Cloud is making its audience data available for over-the-top (OTT) marketing campaigns by joining forces with data-management and audience intelligence platform Tru Optik.

Tru Optik’s OTT Data Marketplace relies on data from the company’s OTT Household Graph, which encompasses more than 75 million homes. It is used by publishers, SSPs, and DSPs for audience building across their inventory.

This deal will make Oracle’s audience data available for CTV and OTT ad campaigns.

Tru Optik CEO Andre Swanston says his company is the first connected TV DMP to utilize Oracle Data Cloud in an integrated audience solution. The company uses household-level data to ensure accuracy, as opposed to individual device data, which can sometimes lead to inaccurate or duplicated households. Tru Optik is also unique among DMPs; the company has an opt-out system, allowing consumers to opt out of receiving targeted advertising.

Separately, Tru Optik said this week it has named Jonathan Bokor Chief Privacy and Business Affairs Officer. Bokor, who will report to Swanston, will lead the company’s privacy compliance and enterprise business negotiations, as well as its consumer-facing targeting opt-out solution.

This is Oracle’s first integration with a DMP focused on OTT and CTV. OTT is generally considered professionally produced content distributed across internet-enabled devices. CTV is an internet-enabled television either by devices like Chromecast or Roku, consoles like Playstation, or smart TVs.

As advertisers continue to invest in CTV, Tru Optik co-founder and chief executive officer Andre Swanston said this integration lets brands and agencies continue their marketing strategy “on the newest, biggest, hottest screen”.

“CTV is not just one operating system. In 2019, there’s no one device manufacturer or operating system that has enough market share to be a standalone solution for reaching consumers across CTV. This is the first time that this data is going to be scalable and actionable across all distribution points in CTV. It dramatically increases the value, the accessibility and the scale of this offering,” Swanston added.

“Some of the ways that people are [advertising on CTV] is just taking data or signals that they may have from individuals, coming from cookies or mobile device IDs, and then just trying to associate that ad hoc on their own to connected tv devices that they may see in the household,” said Swanston.

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