What Is LinkedIn Marketing?

By Techfunnel Author - Published on February 24, 2022
LinkedIn Marketing

Did you know that 3 people get hired through LinkedIn every 60 seconds? That’s right. But that’s not it.

Statistics show that a single digital ad on LinkedIn can reach up to 14% of the world’s total population. That means by simply moving forward with LinkedIn Marketing, you can achieve a robust platform for your brand to easily connect with B2B prospects, customers, and as well as new job appointments.

Hence, there’s no reason for losing hope for your brand that’s not pretty much living up to its full potential. Perhaps all you need is a modern Marketing solution platform?

And to set you up for that, we’ve got a whole guide prepared for you!

Why is LinkedIn Marketing important?

No wonder almost 57 million companies have put up their brand companies on LinkedIn. Do you know why? It’s because modern advertisers recognize LinkedIn as one of the most trusted platforms amongst all traditional ones. In fact, almost all of the Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn as their prime Marketing platform.

It is relatively easier to reach other companies and clients when there are already 3 million groups active on LinkedIn. That includes all interested Associations, Industries, and various other professional corporations.

This brings advantages including the following:

  • Complete Competition Analysis
  • Increased Target reach
  • Strong-built relations
  • Brand Recognition
  • And most importantly an upgraded SEO ranking

So, if you are a business owner wanting to boost your marketing connections, you know exactly what to do.

6 Methods for Effective Marketing on LinkedIn

1. Understand the difference between a LinkedIn Page and a LinkedIn Profile

If you need your connections to be able to see your business content instantly, it’s essential to have a LinkedIn Page. Whereas if you’re an individual service consultant or perhaps have a more distinguished approach regarding your business, then a LinkedIn Profile would suit you best.

2. Create a hashtag strategy

There is no better way than to use hashtags when you’re looking to leech your way into different industries and their audiences. This is all due to “How the LinkedIn algorithm functions”. What it does is show your ad to the audience who are following a set of specific hashtags. In case their interests match with yours (hashtags), they’ll instantly see your latest ads or posts on their timeline.

  • Optimize your Page or Profile for search
  • Link to your Page/Profile from your website
  • Integrate popular keywords that match with your brand
  • Frequently engage with your audience through sharing applicable content.

3. Emphasize your best content

Reach your audience by using LinkedIn’s comprehensive targeting feature. Gain followers by actively boosting relevant content and use conversion tracking to measure how many leads you get from your content posting.

4. Use Images and Videos to increase engagement

Short and long videos with additional subtitles generate approximately 24x more engagement than regular videos that don’t have any subtitles included. Image collages in a LinkedIn post can help to showcase exactly what makes your brand appealing and interesting.

5. Use Open Profile

Did you know that you could privately message people or businesses you’re not even connected to? By simply owning a premium LinkedIn account, you can become a member of the Open Profile network that allows you to reach other LinkedIn Members regardless of membership type.

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How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Nowadays, almost everybody has a LinkedIn profile, but, if not, below are a few quick steps to set up a new profile.

  1. Customize your LinkedIn Public Profile URL to make it look subtle and tidy
  2. Build an appealing background for your LinkedIn Profile/Page to showcase your interests and brand
  3. Regroup sections of your LinkedIn Profile/Page to stress out on important information
  4. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile/Page to get discovered by keywords
  5. Put up a ProFinder Badge to match up with project managers who need your services
  6. Add Portfolio Links and Social Networks to increase traffic
  7. Frequently check updates to stay up-to-date with all customers, connections, and competitors
  8. Make sure your public profile settings are fully enabled
  9. Choose the most compelling Design for your LinkedIn Page/Profile
  10. Post interactive polls to stay on board with your community

Market Your Brand with LinkedIn Marketing

So, are you ready to get started?

Put your brand out and start building strong connections through LinkedIn, join groups, post quality content and stay up-to-date with your whole community to seamlessly strive forward with premium LinkedIn Marketing Platform.

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Techfunnel Author | TechFunnel.com is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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