Predictive App Marketing the Next Phase of Mobile Marketing Technology
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Is Predictive App Marketing the Next Phase of Mobile Marketing Technology?

Predictive App Marketing Mobile Marketing Technology

Mobile marketing continues to be a key part of the revenue and outreach strategies of many businesses. Customers engage with their mobile devices all day and creating an experience and marketing strategy that works for them in the spaces they consume media is important.

The technology that enables better customer interactions continues to evolve. With more customer interactions comes more data, which businesses can use to improve further interactions. Predictive app marketing is helping marketers predict what kind of content and outreach will work for their audiences and allows them to create more personalized experiences that help drive business and increase brand reach.

What is predictive app marketing?

Localytics describes predictive app marketing as, “is using all of the data you have about your customers, plus all of the ways they interact with your app, to predict customer behavior and proactively engage them with personalized experiences. These experiences are personalized to both the user and to the stage the user is at within the customer journey. The end game is driving higher engagement and retention, and ultimately lifetime value. In the end, it is a customer-centric approach to app marketing. It makes your push and in-app messages welcomed and deepen the relationship with the customer. The data is there to predict what they want and what you should present to them at any given time. When you connect engagement channels like in-app, push and email marketing to that information, the probability of the outcome you want is greatly increased.”

This customer-centric kind of outreach is becoming the norm across both B2B and B2C spaces and the value of this personalization is shown again and again. Most businesses report substantial ROI when using customized or personalized messaging based on their audience’s preferences and online behaviors.

How can predictive marketing benefit your business?

Predictive marketing allows businesses to benefit in several ways, from costs to customer acquisition.

1. Optimizing ad spend

When you know what’s working for your customers – what’s driving engagement and interest – you can spend your budget more effectively and focus on what’s driving results and engaging with your audience. Marketing doesn’t have to be a guessing game – predictive app marketing can help you better understand what marketing measures are likely to work and allow you to spend your advertising dollars on the measures that will boost ROI by increasing your customer’s engagement with and value to your brand.

2. Better customer relationships for greater customer loyalty and retention

Marketing is about more than just getting eyes on your brand in hopes of gaining new customers; it’s about nurturing the relationships you have with customers to help you keep them. Predictive marketing can drive personalization, which helps to create personalized touchpoints and assets that resonate with your customers. Using data from your brand app, email interactions, in-store purchases, and website behavior can give your predictive analysis enough data to suggest content or products that users are likely to be interested in, based on previous action and purchases. If you’re a brand that can communicate to customers – through tailored, personalized interactions and recommendations – that you understand them and can help solve their problems or provide for a need, you’ll be better able to keep those relationships. Plus, these personalized recommendations or communications – like relevant app push notifications – can help increase conversions as well as the average amount of money spent with your brand.

3. Win back at risk or lost customers

Some data suggest that if a customer doesn’t use your app more than once in their first week, they’ll probably never engage with it. Predictive app analytics helps you identify those users who are at risk of being lost to your business and help you effectively re-engage them. It can also help you more effectively engage with customers used to be regular users who have a lower rate of engagement.

Predictive app marketing helps businesses remain competitive in a sea of options that are available to consumers. Localytics notes, ” Mobile is a highly personal medium that requires an equally personalized experience in order for your user to gain value.” Apps are part of the daily lives of most consumers and many brands have their own app to better engage with customers. Using predictive app marketing gives marketing teams and business development professionals a more holistic picture of customers, using all the available data to create a more well-rounded understanding of what drives your audience. This real-time analysis helps you make better quicker decisions about audience interactions and also where to put your time, effort, and budget for projects down the line.

Using predictive marketing as a mobile technology tool to create better customer experiences can set businesses apart, create more fans, win more business, and grow their success.

Marianne Chrisos
Marianne Chrisos
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