How to Increase Email Performance with IT Buyers

By TechFunnel Contributors - Published on January 29, 2021
email performance

You must have developed buyer personas for your customers to build personalized email campaigns. However, shoving them in your office drawer is not going to increase your email performance.

An average professional person receives about 130 emails per day. That being said, it is becoming difficult for tech marketers to stand out. The tech buyers care about the actionable intelligence and purchasing cycle to make email marketing efforts successful.

Here are 3 tips for tech-savvy marketers to increase customer engagement, open rate, conversion, and email performance.

1. Make sure your subject lines are tech-related

A concise yet captivating is one of the most important elements of every successful email marketing campaign. Your copy might be great, the message might be great, the Call-to-actions might be on point but without a compelling subject line, your email is incomplete.

A research study by Media Consumption reports that 73% of the tech buyers open unwanted emails with enthralling subject lines. In general, tech marketers get attracted by solution-oriented subject lines. This ensures that a tech company is targeting a buyer’s problem and providing an overview of an easy solution.

57% of the IT buyers are interested to read about the SaaS product’s benefits rather than reading an irrelevant newsletter. In an industry that is evolving at a fast pace, it is important to build your value and then ask the buyers to show up for an event or participate in a webinar.


2. Segment your audience

Increasing email performance does not happen overnight. You have to be careful in segmenting your email list audiences to ensure that the message is going to the right group of people.

Tech marketers who segmented their audience observed a 760% increase in conversion rate, email performance, and revenue.

In today’s era, when the internet is full of email marketing apps, it is easy to segment your audience using buyer personas and demographics. The response rate increases when you track your customers’ activities and send out targeted emails.

To make this trick work, make sure you first detox all the inactive users and update your database.

3. Take help of user-intent data to personalize emails

Personalization is key to a successful email campaign. An email addressed directly to the person will get more opens as compared to emails with ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’. A TechTarget study, based on 6.5 million emails showed that IT buyers 12 times more likely to open an email if it’s relevant or personal to them. Topical relevancy and recency are your way to increase email performance in the tech industry.

IT buyers need you to track their problems and provide a solution for them. Utilizing user-intent data helps to build the right message for your audience. You can use this message in the body to demonstrate how you can provide the best solution.

Final Thoughts

A successful email consists of good keywords, a strong subject line, a touch of personalization, and a solution-oriented message to cater to the audience’s tech needs.

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TechFunnel Contributors | is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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