How to Choose the Best Behavior Analytics Tool for Your Business
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How to Choose the Best Behavior Analytics Tool for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Behavior Analytics Tool for Your Business

Improve the way you interact with your audience.

Behavior analytics tools are a great asset for you to improve your marketing efforts.

Having a tool to analyze customer behavior can be very beneficial for your company, especially if you’re having a tough time converting users or engaging with your audience. Behavioral analytics tools can detect where users go first then what they click next. These tools can also tell you how long users linger at certain points and other in-session data that will help you connect with them better. User behavior analytics tools are used to collect data about your user and over time, allow you to make your website and mobile apps provide the best user experience, UX, which will provide your customers with better engagement and increase your conversion rate.

Steps to Select the Best Behavioral Analytics Tool

Identify Behaviors That Correspond with Your Business

Your business is focused on a specific set of priorities and goals, or it should be. The first step in deciding which behavioral analytics tool is best for your business growth goals is to identify all customer actions that align with these goals. These behaviors could include activities like adding items to an online shopping cart, completing a purchase and all steps that lead up to these actions. Understand how customers got to these actions and why they performed them will allow you to understand better ways to get them to complete their purchase or come back and purchase more.

Determine Which Channels You Want to Measure

Thanks to our digitally-driven society, customers now have access to more channels, to interact with your company, than ever before. To understand the entire picture of your customers’ behaviors, you’ll need to analyze that behavior across all channels that you offer for your customer to interact with you on. There may be many user behavior analytics vendors on the market, but if you offer your customers many channels to interact with your company on, you’ll want to choose a vendor that offers you access to all your channels and measures the omnichannel actions of your users. This way, if the same user interacts with your company through your website and your mobile app, they’re not counted as two separate users.

Choose a Tool that Logs Events

Once you’ve identified which behaviors you want to measure and on which channels, it is now time to log when those events happen. Facebook already provides analytics that can send you notifications when events, that you determine are noteworthy, happen. Since it’s more beneficial for you to measure user behavior across all channels and not just Facebook, you’ll want to choose an analytics tool that allows you to be notified and log events when they happen on all your channels. Verify that after you’ve set up your new tool to identify these behaviors that it is working correctly, or else you won’t have access to all the information you need to properly understand the behavior of your users.

Best Behavioral & User Entity Behavior Analytics Software

  • Bay Dynamics
  • Bottomline Technologies
  • Cynet
  • Dtex Systems
  • E8 Security
  • Exabeam
  • Fortscale
  • Gurucul Risk Analytics
  • HPE Security ArcSight
  • Interset
  • LightCyber
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Niara

If you’re looking to choose a behavioral analytics tool to improve your marketing efforts, you’re on the right path. The best way to make your marketing efforts better is to first know how your users are interacting with your company and understand why they interact the way they do. Once you understand how and why your customers interact with your company, you’ll then be able to market to them much better.

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