What is the New Google GenAI Marketing Solution All About?

By Techfunnel Author - Published on September 13, 2023
Google GenAI Marketing Solution

The job description of a marketing professional includes the development of text, images, layouts, and concepts, all of which can be aided by generative artificial intelligence (AI). Typeface has joined forces with Google Cloud and GrowthLoop to create an all-encompassing generative AI solution for marketing.

Typeface is a generative AI app for the creation of business content. The company began operations in 2022 and is currently in the Series B funding stage. GrowthLoop lets you create customer journeys enabled by the enterprise data cloud. It provides no-code segmentation, orchestration, and a measuring platform that makes use of your existing data to boost revenues by intervening at key points of the marketing funnel.

Recently, the companies unveiled an integrated GenAI Marketing Solution which brings together the finest features of each platform.

What is the GenAI Marketing Solution?

GenAI Marketing Solution is the outcome of an alliance between Typeface, GrowthLoop, and Google Cloud to expedite the creation and implementation of innovative marketing campaigns.

Using GrowthLoop’s tech and Google Cloud’s BigQuery and generative AI foundational models can assist marketers in transforming their target demographic data into customized content. The solution was introduced at Google Cloud Next 2023 on August 30. It enables the use of artificial intelligence across every step of the campaign-creation workflow.

Why is the GenAI Marketing Solution Important?

Despite huge investments in audience and consumer data, marketers continue to struggle to successfully convert this data into targeted, customized content at the necessary pace to satisfy market demand. Generative AI offers a solution by accelerating audience and content generation while preserving brand consistency.

Gartner says that 84% of customer service executives mentioned analytics and customer data as “very or extremely important” for achieving organizational goals in 2023. But without the right tools, it is extremely difficult to mobilize this data, and most marketers find themselves struggling with silos.

The newly developed solution will integrate generative artificial intelligence into a single, optimized workflow. After precisely delineating audience segments, marketers can develop targeted material. The content can then be rapidly distributed across various marketing channels.

This will enable marketers to simplify and speed up the launch of campaigns. It will also let them pursue efficiency gains and maintain a unified brand identity and tone of voice at all touchpoints, which is not always possible with generic generative AI.

How Does the GenAI Marketing Solution Work?

To understand how the new Google GenAI Marketing Solution works, let us quickly glance through the functioning of its key components.

1. BigQuery data warehouse

BigQuery is Google’s fully operated, server-free data warehouse that facilitates petabyte-scale analysis. It acts as a Platform as a Service that enables querying through a dialect of SQL. Moreover, it has machine learning features. Marketers with some technical knowledge can use it to perform data operations without coding, thanks to a drag-and-drop interface.

2. Typeface AI content development

Typeface offers self-service content development solutions for the entire lifecycle. All staff members can create engaging content with comfort and authenticity. A ‘major’ strategic partnership between Typeface and Google Cloud was announced in June of 2023. Typeface works with Google Cloud’s extensive language models and is also available on the Google Workspace Marketplace as a plugin.

3. GrowthLoop customer data segmentation

GrowthLoop is a Google affiliate as well. This is a compact data platform that lets marketers capitalize on the hard work they’ve already put into BigQuery. You don’t have to duplicate the information or manage two informational models, as with most customer data platforms (CDPs). GrowthLoop enables the activation of customer categories from BigQuery for any destination without the need for SQL.

Based on these core building blocks, the Google GenAI Marketing Solution enables a cohesive workflow powered by generative AI from end to end.

Users must first link their BigQuery instance to GrowthLoop. Using GrowthLoop’s graphic or natural language builder for querying the data warehouse is the next step. This will generate targetable audience segments. When the segments have been created, they can be exported to a preferred marketing channel, like Google Ads.

Next, you can use the Typeface integration with GrowthLoop to create personalized content, like designs, ad snippets, and marketing assets with textual cues.

As you build the primary campaign assets, you can broaden the effort by creating an archive of content for various marketing channels using Typeface. This can involve tailored Instagram advertisements, SEO-optimized blog entries, pages with links, etc. All of these will consistently correlate with the GrowthLoop target demographic segmentation.

What follows is an assortment of content for various touchpoints that fit the predefined audience categories and brand personality. Post-launch, teams can track the campaign’s performance inside GrowthLoop and BigQuery, right down to any number of individual metrics.

Key GenAI Marketing Solution Features You Can Expect

This latest offering in the martech space will enable:

  • Customer data unification: With this solution, business users can generate more comprehensive customer profiles using data from ads, sales, and product information.
  • Audience segmentation: By combining GrowthLoop with BigQuery, advertisers can categorize their audiences. Because of GrowthLoop’s natural language comprehension capabilities, the process is intuitive and low-effort.
  • Customer journey mapping: Within the data cloud, you can use drag-and-drop journey management tools.
  • Content personalization to meet customer needs: The embedded application of Typeface facilitates the creation of tailored material based on the comprehensive audience segments of GrowthLoop and BigQuery.
  • Content personalization to meet enterprise needs: The solution features Typeface’s brand-specific AI. It uses Google GenAI Foundational Models to guarantee the integrity of the brand’s tone and voice.
  • Omnichannel content generation: Marketers can create customized content for multiple channels, including websites, blogs, landing pages, and more.
  • Collaboration features: Productivity tools, like Google Docs and Google Slides, allow marketers to develop brand-specific materials. This integrates AI-generated content into current workflows.
  • Ad orchestration: The GenAI Marketing Solution enables users to rapidly distribute target audience data and content to advertising channels.
  • Impact analysis: The impacts of audience targeting, campaign execution — and ultimately, the success of an initiative can be tracked in BigQuery. GrowthLoop allows you to evaluate metrics for performance, such as ROI and A/B tests.

The Benefits of GenAI Marketing Solution: How Do Marketers Gain?

The solution’s biggest advantage is that it supports customized targeted campaigns that boost customer conversion rates and engagement. You can expect enhanced innovation in marketing, improved efficiency, and content volume growth.

Moreover, it lets you widen your influence across different channels using accurate data. You can share content across multiple customer journeys while preserving brand consistency within teams, initiatives, and business segments. This enables scalability.

The GenAI Marketing Solution also solves the challenges you may have faced when trying to achieve a unified workflow. In modern marketing, the need for acceleration and adaptability often clashes with a desire to move from one solution to another. There is one tool for gathering and managing consumer data, a different one for demographic segmentation, and yet another for developing content.

Now, there isn’t a magic wand that brings everything together. However, it is heartening to see companies with complementary solutions working together to create a comprehensive workflow centered around a robust cloud solution leveraging large data sets.

Key Takeaways

To sum up, this new AI solution from Google and its partners marks a significant milestone in the evolution of marketing technology. Generative AI, by itself, is powerful, but it faces the same fragmentation challenges as most tools on your martech stack.

The GenAI Marketing Solution operates differently.

Marketers can create and access an in-depth customer view. They can consolidate first-party data from multiple sources. The platform then generates various kinds of content, such as Google Workspace collaterals. Once the material is ready for publication, the GenAI Marketing Solution can help with its deployment to specific consumer segments with just a few keystrokes. It will also closely monitor the success and impact of the content.

This can reduce friction in day-to-day marketing workflows and make it easier for teams to test, correct, and continuously improve.

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Techfunnel Author | TechFunnel.com is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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