Digital Out of Home Advertising Trends in SMM
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Digital Out of Home Advertising Trends in SMM

Digital Out of Home Advertising Trends in SMM

Learn how you can seamlessly combine your out of home advertising with your social media marketing efforts.

As digital Out Of Home (OOH) advertising trends continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, marketers can connect their social media marketing efforts with their OOH advertising efforts more seamlessly.

Social media marketing has become an essential aspect of a successful marketing plan thanks to the rise of social media. While Out Of Home (OOH) advertising has been around for centuries, many companies are beginning to understand how essential digital out of home advertising is becoming in our digital world. As digital media becomes more important for companies to engage in, many digital out of home advertising trends are beginning to emerge to help marketers combine both their digital and traditional marketing efforts.

Since OOH advertising has been around for so long, many companies have mastered this marketing method, but many are struggling to combine their digital efforts with their outdoor media efforts. So, how can you seamlessly combine both your digital and outdoor advertising campaigns? Follow these digital out of home trends to help you connect your audience to your social media marketing.

One major trend that is happening in 2018 is the acceleration of OOH ad spend. With the FIFA World Cup underway and the Winter Olympics starting in just a few months, companies have begun to invest more in outdoor advertising. According to Magna Global’s forecasts, after digital and TV, OOH advertising is expected to be one of the largest contributors to ad spend growth this year and they predict outdoor media will grow by an average of 4% this year alone. With Out Of Home (OOH) advertising growing, it is essential that companies combine their OOH media with their digital social media marketing efforts to provide their customers with a full circle of engagement and satisfaction.

Mobile Links

One effective way you can seamlessly combine your out of home advertising with your social media marketing efforts is to add mobile links to your outdoor media. There are many mobile technologies like NFC, AR, and QR codes that you can use to drive sales and brand awareness with your OOH efforts and connect viewers to your social media sites.

By using mobile location data, you can seamlessly provide new capabilities to measure your OOH viewability by connecting your outdoor media campaigns to your in-store sales. You can even use technology to identify smartphones that have been exposed to your OOH advertising and retarget these devices with mobile ads at optimum times. By connecting your social media marketing efforts with your out of home marketing efforts, you will be able to reach more audience members more effectively, engage with them more seamlessly, and deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Creative Messages

As technology continues to evolve and improve advertising measures, data is beginning to feed into out of home efforts. Interconnectivity with digital marketing has enabled marketers to better target their audiences with detailed demographic data. By connecting your digital and OOH efforts, you will be able to identify and connect with your customers in more creative ways. Digital data about your customers will allow you to develop more creative, effective messages that will engage your customers better and build better customer relationships.

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