How Creative Management Platforms Are Changing the Digital Ads

by Danni White - August 25, 2019
Danni White

Danni White | Danni White is the Director of Content Development at Bython Media, the parent company of,,, List.Events, and

How Creative Management Platforms Is Changing the Digital Ads

Creative management platforms, or CMPs, are an incredible asset for marketing campaigns, and they are shaking up the ways in which digital ads are being produced.

Tasks that once seemed difficult are becoming much simpler processes, and all individuals working on a campaign can be much more productive and creative than ever before. With this cloud-based collaborative technology, marketing campaigns are improving.

In What Ways are Creative Management Platforms Changing Digital Ads?

The following are seven ways in which creative management platforms are changing the digital marketing industry.

1. Easy Banner Ad Creation and Production

All campaign media gets added to the creative management platform. The intuitive interfaces encourage exploration from the novice, who can now create banner ads more easily on the CMP. Skilled designers for the organization then have access to the campaign creatives to edit and mass produce. The best creative management platforms encourage team members to think outside of their normal job descriptions, bringing a fresh perspective.

2. Auto Optimization in the Ad Builder

CMPs are designed to automatically optimize images and other details. This is helpful in ads as the size of images and files can greatly affect an ad’s performance and results. The effect of these details is due to how images or files that are too large load slowly. And all of this leads to negative customer experience. With a CMP automatically optimizing images and files, it gives team members a little room to breathe, and it catches things that humans might miss.

3. Responsive Media Ads

The uploaded campaign creatives are responsive once on the platform. Since the ads have already been optimized, and they are now responsive, you can create rich media ads, including animations and widgets, without any coding necessary. The rich media enhance ads and improves user experience.

4. Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Creative management platforms learn what you need and how you need it done. Over time, it can complete tasks that human team members once had to do. Now, though, they can focus more on being creative than on the work processes themselves. Besides freeing team members’ time up, when CMPs are completing the in- house repetitive work tasks, the organization becomes much more productive and efficient. Work gets completed faster, meaning that companies can move onto more projects or the same project on a larger scale much more quickly.

5. Improves Collaboration and Campaign Results

Collaboration among teams and departments is a wonderful goal, but the push must come with the necessary tools to encourage collaboration. A CMP is one of these tools. It not only encourages collaboration but makes it simple. As all the campaign media is in one cloud-based platform, each team member has access to the materials at any given point. One department is not having to wait on another to send items back and forth. They can all get to the materials. They can also change the materials directly in the available files. With such ease of sharing ideas and the efficient teamwork, a creative management platform can change the entire organization and produce better results overall.

6. Campaign Scheduling

Campaign scheduling is both very important and very overwhelming. Knowing when to start and stop a campaign, and when to make other moves in the process is difficult. Many begin to just randomly pick dates or avoid a campaign schedule altogether. With premium CMPs, there is no need for either of those reactions. CMPs usually have a tool that helps determine the optimum dates for these events, taking some of the guesswork out of scheduling. It can also be easily updated if needed.

7. Provides Translation

Another great benefit of creative management platforms is the fact that they can help you reach many markets and people. The platform can help translate ads quickly and efficiently. Providing automatic and accurate translations saves the time and energy of having to find translators for each language. That task is difficult enough that many businesses simply overlook other languages and focus on only one market. Sadly, this means that businesses are missing sales and loyal consumers. Creative management platforms have the capability of filling this gap between business and consumer.

Creative management platforms are easing some of the effort required to create banner ads, allowing that effort to be poured out elsewhere. Organizations that have not begun using a creative management platform should consider doing so. There are both basic and premium CMPs available, so meet with the leaders of your technology and digital marketing departments to discuss how this platform can increase the productivity and efficiency of your organization.

Danni White

Danni White | Danni White is the Director of Content Development at Bython Media, the parent company of,,

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