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By Techfunnel Author - Last Updated on September 7, 2022
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Email campaigns are an excellent way to introduce cold leads back into your pipeline. Platforms such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and even high-level CRMs like HubSpot create outstanding Nurture Series campaigns.  It has the ability to create professional emails for you. We cover all aspects of the creation process, down to the metrics of your campaign.

Understanding Nurture Series Emails

Nurture Series Emails are designed as automated touchpoints for individuals who have come to your website. They have previously filled out a form or otherwise handed over their information as an interested individual in your product or services. These nurture series emails are typically 6 to 12 well-designed emails that are sent to a cold lead with the intent to re-spark interest. They are timed to be sent out week after week. In general, the term “series” indicates a central theme, message, or organized intent within the series.

Nurture Series Emails – (CTA) Call-to-Actions

Creating multiple CTAs within each email sent out is key to understanding your lead’s journey and what they are engaging with. Understanding the overall lead database will help you or companies like us tweak the message, layout, graphics, and even the font to help optimize each email within the series. One of your CTAs should be the Unsubscribe feature, this is the quickest way for you to remove these individuals from your current pipeline and have an efficient campaign.

Nurture Series Emails – Following the Metrics

Once you have your CTAs set up, make sure every one of them is trackable with your CRM, Mail Platform, or as a conversion in (GA) Google Analytics. The first metric is your “Open Rate” as this will help you define and refine your email’s subject line and the preview section of the body of your email.  The next thing we are looking at is the number of CTAs clicked on per email sent out and if there is a trend among all leads going through the series.

Clicks on links to your social media could indicate the customer may not be ready to purchase your offer, but they do like your company, services and/or products. Keep a close eye on these leads for future campaigns.

Clicks on your products or services also need to be measured for conversions, but just as important are the clicks that are not converting. Obviously, there is interest if an individual is clicking on a link, if they are not converting, there are things you need to consider.

  • Was the email misleading compared to what they are reading or being offered?
  • Is the landing page you are directing them to trusted? Secured?
  • Does the landing page look professional and easy to use?

The biggest takeaway for a Nurture Series email campaign is to have a plan in place throughout the entire process. Throwing out six or more random emails will never allow you the ability to gauge your customer’s journey and make critical adjustments to your campaign. If the intent is clearly decided upfront, it is easier to create your series, follow the customer journey and adjust as needed.

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Techfunnel Author | is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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