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By Danni White - Published on April 26, 2021
Article gives the lastest trends in content marketing

Content marketing is reaching new standards in 2021. Content can drive huge revenue, demand, and brand awareness if it is done and utilized correctly. Digital marketing is all about showcasing fresh content and changing strategies over time. The novel coronavirus has dramatically changed the way content is created, distributed, and amplified.

Content marketing is an essential element in your marketing campaign. Content is and always will be one of the essential elements of digital marketing. It defines the way businesses engage with their customers. If you have been in the digital industry for a long, you know how content marketers struggle with boosting reach for brand growth.

Here are the Top 12 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Look out for in 2021:

  1. The topical authority will take over keyword research

    Do you have the expertise of the niche you are working in? As of 2021, Google will emphasize more on the expertise of the website rather than keyword research or link building. Building authority was the main practice for backlinking in the SEO landscape. However, it is now replaced with the depth of expertise.

    Google does not reward you with a high ranking just because you have used keywords in your content. It judges how well the content fits your site’s context.

    Instead of building links, curate ever-green content around the pillar pages of your website. Augment the reach of your pillar pages through fresh content pieces.

  2. The content performance will depend on its value

    Brands bombard their customers with an extensive range of textual and visual content every day. Therefore, they have become picky. People are now unwilling to share their personal information in exchange for mediocre knowledge.

    Brands must build their value around their content. Add practical suggestions to your content. How can your product help the customers to solve their problems?

  3. Original research will win

    Internet is an ocean of content. This means that it is getting difficult for the brands to produce unique content. Original research and content creation have a deep connection with how you run the business as a thought leader.

    Just as companies seek out to collect constructive feedback, established leaders can reach out the potential customers who can help to curate content. You can issue various studies and surveys to gain successful insights.

  4. Content will be entertaining and fun to the readers

    Content only works if it catches a user’s attention. If your content is boring and textual, it won’t be of no use and the users won’t consume it. However, interactive content does the job of captivating users quite well.

    As humans, we appreciate humor and always want to find fun once we have gotten rid of our problems. Instead of using a critical tone, the marketers will keep the tone jovial. Some brands have started making their ads on memes and funny GIFs.

    Generation X and Z are heavily engaged in memes and funny GIFs on social media. Why not take that change to produce a hustle-level engaged yet amused audience?

  5. Marketers will adopt Artificial Intelligence

    In the near future, robots will be doing all the time-consuming tasks. Many experts believe that we are one step closer to make the digital market fully automated.

    This year indicates a rapid growth in AI and its impact on businesses. The use of machine learning and AI will change the game in all industries as computers are advanced. They can do more than we imagine.

    Marketers are already using AI for A/B testing, content optimization, and analysis. SaaS tools are widely available to make use of AI in full capacity.

  6. The user experience will matter more

    For a very long time, marketers have focused on catering to Google when creating content. However, Google has taken the side of the users. Google will test the website on the overall user experience rather than optimized keywords. Its goal is to create a knowledgeable web for everybody.

    Apart from website load time, speed, and UX design, how you deliver the content to the users will matter too.

    Make sure you curate personalize content as it has a positive impact on the user experience. One way to improve the user experience is to switch to conversational marketing.

  7. Content templates will be popular among brands

    Before purchasing anything, we like to see how people before us have used the product. Brands will focus on how-to tutorials, guides, and explainer videos for their services and products. One way is to use demonstrations and the other way is to utilize the content templates.

  8. Machines will generate content

    This content marketing trends is pretty self-explanatory. The use of AI will allow the computers to curate content based on the previous database. Even though they won’t be able to deliver high-quality blogs but they would clean up the slack in many areas of content creation. Not only will this save your resources but your time as well.

  9. The content will optimize

    This is one of the biggest content marketing trends where content optimization refers to taking an in-depth piece of content and breaking it into smaller parts. This technique is also known as repurposing or reimagining content.

    For instance, if you have written a white paper for your website, you can post each lesson on your website as a blog.

  10. The arrival of core web vitals by Google

    From now on, Google’s focus is more towards user experience rather than optimization. Its algorithm is changing and website owners are bound to adopt the change. Google’s core web vitals will have a huge impact on a user’s search results.

  11. Voice search will evolve and optimize

    Users are involved in screenless searching more than ever. They simply ask the virtual assistant to help them find out something on the internet. Brands will have to adapt conversational content. With all that in mind, they have to make changes in correspondence to natural speaking language.

  12. User-generated content will improve a brand’s authenticity

    User-generated content is critical for e-commerce marketing. More than 85% of the people trust word of mouth rather than the content on the website. Encourage your existing customers to share their experience with your product on the website or social media pages.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing trends(1) change each passing year. While some trends continue, others vanish in thin air as new platforms and technology come into existence. Watching over the above trends will give you a heads up when devising your content strategy for the current year.

Danni White

Danni White | Danni White is the Director of Content Strategy and Development at Bython Media and the Editor-In-Chief at, a top B2B digital destination for C-Level executives, technologists, and marketers. Bython Media is also the parent company of,, List.Events, and

Danni White

Danni White | Danni White is the Director of Content Strategy and Development at Bython Media and the Editor-In-Chief at, a top B2B digital destin...

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