Why Content Intelligence is Critical for Driving Your Marketing Strategy

By Techfunnel Author - Published on July 30, 2021
Content Intelligence

Great content is your driveway towards your target audience. Content is the only direct mode of communication an organization has with its customers. A good marketing strategy’s basic pillar is the content. 

It is truly surprising how content marketing has also transformed technologically. With the increased use of automation in different marketing techniques, content marketing is growing.

Nowadays, content marketers wonder how their content can help them achieve marketing strategies and business goals, whether or not is this even possible?

What Is Content Intelligence?

A content marketing strategy that works through Artificial Intelligence software is known as content intelligence. It helps companies in transforming content data into actionable insights that in the future can help achieve the content strategy.

It helps associations make high worth out of information-driven content. It caters to different practices of an organization for instance; buyer persona, content auditing, or website analytics to enhance and improve the content quality.

How Does Content Intelligence Work?

Content intelligence tools work around different technologies to make their marketing better. The technologies are:

  1. Machine Learning (ML): This helps analyze the content tone to make decisions based on the data.
  2. Natural Language Generation (NLG): This helps to create accurate content for example product descriptions.
  3. Natural Language Understanding (NLU): This helps in determining the purpose and relevance of your content.

There are three steps:

1. Collecting Data

Artificial Intelligence-powered software helps content marketers to collect data and content related to customer behavior. They do it through different web analytics tools.

Here are some relevant data examples:

  1. Company’s content performance.
  2. Social media trends relating to your company’s target product and audience.
  3. The success rate of your company’s content as compared to the available competition.

2. Analyzing Data

Once the data has been collected, the next step is evaluating the data by asking the right questions like “will this data help in high return on investment?” This can be done through AI-powered software; however, it is better if humans analyze the data themselves.

Areas where you need to analyze:

  1. Competition: Knowing what your competitor brand is doing is important. This analysis can be done by finding the total volume search of a keyword.
  2. Channel: Another area of analysis is a channel to stay up-to-date on different related topics that can help in targeting those channels in the future.
  3. Customers: The most important analysis is customer analysis. Understanding what they expect from your company and providing them with the relevant product is what will help you earn a high return on investment.

3. Generating Relevant Insights

The third and last step is generating insights relevant to your content. This step will help you identify the effectiveness of your content. This step involves:

  1. Content suggestion: It can help an organization to know what content to produce, where to produce, and when to produce.
  2. Content update: It can help an organization in making it’s content better and relevant according to the target audience.
  3. Generating content: It can help an organization in creating well-structured and correct content. For example, Grammarly corrects grammatical errors.

Importance of Content Intelligence

We have entered a world of digital transformation and likewise, customers’ demands and preferences have also upgraded. It is important for companies to adopt content intelligence to have a better digital interaction with both, their partner organizations and customers. Well-written content is like a first impression; it goes a long way.

Let’s look at it from a different perspective:

  1. There are 4.54 billion active users on the internet.
  2. There are 3.725 billion active users on social media.
  3. Facebook has a total of 2.449 billion active users. Instagram has a total of 1bn active users. Twitter has a total of 145 million daily users.

People have shifted towards digital life and hence, good content is a necessity. Quality matters, quantity does not.

Benefits of Content Intelligence

1. Traffic

One of the greatest benefits of well-written content is increased traffic. The better Search Engine optimized your content is, the higher will the traffic be. If your content is structured around focused keywords, the search engine will rank it higher, likewise increasing your popularity and sales.

2. Customer Information

Another benefit of content intelligence is customer information. Through content intelligence, you can get much clearer insights into your target audience and their behavior.

3. Conversation

Through content intelligence, you can identify the relevant topics to connect with your target market. Users are more likely to spend time on content that interests them.

4. Consistency

Another very important benefit that content intelligence provides is brand voice consistency. With content intelligence, you can create consistent content in terms of tone, language, and voice.

Cons of Content Intelligence

Content is a complex process. Although there are a number of suggestions and data available for content, putting that information in the correct manner and the company’s focused areas is challenging.

While creating content, a lot of factors are involved making it complex. For instance, competition, area of expertise, conversion of visitors into customers likelihood, etc.

Content Intelligence and Marketing Strategy

Since we are all done with what content intelligence is and its importance, let’s now move forwards to how it can drive your marketing strategy. Planning what you write and how you structure your content is as important as understanding your target audience and buyer persona to communicate with your customers.

Here are a few areas from where you can drive traffic and generate sales:

  1. Email marketing: stay relevant to your blog.
  2. Paid advertising: display ads on Google or other social media platforms.
  3. Marketing campaign: influence your target audience.

Content Intelligence and Insights

Types of insight include:

  1. Increased sales
  2. SEO success
  3. Increased traffic
  4. Increased exposure
  5. Quality leads

Content Intelligence and Leading Vendor

  1. Amazon Alexa
  2. Crayon
  3. Curata
  4. Powerpost
  5. SpyFu
  6. Buzzsumo
  7. NewsCred
  8. Storybase
  9. BrightEdge
  10. Atomic Reach

Final Thoughts

As we move into another time of advanced marketing, sticking to the trends and revolving around the relevant keywords is a higher priority than at any other time. In case you are not utilizing content intelligence to get this going, you could be making blog entries and recordings that go uninitiated and unwatched.

Rather than simply depending on Google Analytics to perceive what your clients and site guests are doing, there are more freedoms than any other time in recent memory to truly focus on the subjects your substance covers and what’s moving right now. All things being equal, it is obviously better to accept this innovation and begin using the content intelligence accessible to you. Switch to content intelligence, make better choices, and stay in the new competitive digital world.

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Techfunnel Author | TechFunnel.com is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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