Access to the Workplace: The Safety Measures of CMS Enterprise Identity Management Systems

By Kierra Benson - Published on April 16, 2021
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When working from home or in the office, employees interact with certain checkpoints to verify their attendance and if they are authorized to have access within a space. Think about the steps you have to take when you physically enter a workplace facility. Clocking in by swiping your badge into the timeclock lets the system know when you have arrived, that you belong in the area as a current employee, and that you …are you. When working from home, in place of a timeclock, employers will often give employees an access code or password to enter into the system. That is where CMS Identity Management comes in.

What is CMS Enterprise Identity Management and How Does It Work?

CMS (Content Management System) Enterprise Identity Management is a digital means of handling workplace information for businesses that are centered on employees’ identity for authentication purposes. Through the tool of identity management software, businesses can simplify the gateway of employee access into the system.

This is where an assigned access code or password is utilized to vet anyone trying to enter. Along with a password, employees are often given a specialized username that is a way to verify the actual identity of those trying to enter the system. The CMS Identity Management will store the accounts of usernames and passwords of all employees so that employers can easily monitor who logs in and who logs out.

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Types of CMS Enterprise Identity Management Platforms

  • OneLogin

    With this platform, a business can monitor everyone from their consumer base, business collaborators, and employees. By streamlining online accounts and overseeing who comes in and goes out of the system, businesses can create a secure portal, raise the quality of their services, and increase work activity.

  • Auth0

    Auth0 allows businesses to verify and lead employees by having a safe gateway for their clients. This software can be synced to apps, endpoint electronics, and company systems. This service is scalable, adjustable, and adaptable to any platform, according to the needs of its clients.

  • Passportal

    Maintain authorization and keep important data secure by monitoring passcode entry to endpoint electronics, internal systems, and administrative documents. Passcode information is encoded and kept in a secure portal that is managed by assigned-based access grants and multi-method verification.

  • LastPass

    Allows workers to create, protect, and show qualifications easily while giving guidance to account owners and managers. Acquire multiple entries and verification gateways like single sign-in, multi-method verification that protect employees’ information on their platform.

  • IDSync

    Provides businesses with an intricate database with an organized list of employee accounts and profiles for streamlined security measures. IDSync allows businesses to operate a digital directory for easy tracking and monitoring of employee access, authentication, and verification.


  • Appgate SDP

    Streamlines and enhances entry tools for businesses, electronics, and employees. Multi-method verification allows employee entry only if identity is authenticated through sign-on, password, and username gateways. This process also allows every identity tool gateway to create and manage business mandates, employee training, and Zero Trust System Entry.

  • SecureONE

    Gives business various security gateways like multi-method verification, endpoint device oversight, qualification oversight, mandate accordance oversight, the ability to passcodes and usernames, the ability to monitor all security tools remotely, and cybersecurity guidance and insight.

  • IntelliTrust

    The platform has been utilized amongst various industries like financing, federal, and healthcare services for a little over 2 decades. With simple-to-use accommodations and convenient sync ability to various systems with on-site and remote tools, IntelliTrust’s digital storage verification service is simple to install and can be used in an internal system within half an hour.

  • Okta

    Considered the top platform in the business identity management system industry, Okta’s digital data storage reaches and secures employee access codes and usernames. This platform also provides these services to business collaborators, sellers, and consumer bases. Okta can sync to over 5,000 software applications and is used by companies like LinkedIn, Adobe, and Experian.

  • Ping Identity

    Assists businesses in gaining Zero-Trust identity assigned safety mandates and a more adaptable and simplified client process. Ping Identity gives businesses a digital data storage portal, SaaS (system-as-a-software), smartphone, and on-site apps, and an application programming interface, while simultaneously monitoring employee accounts and access information.

Final Thoughts

While the modern workplace environment is split between remote and on-site work, businesses have to still be on top of who has the access to interact with the internal systems for the safety of the company and its employees. Passwords, passcodes, and usernames verify and authenticate employees in a timely and convenient manner. Imagine if a large corporation with thousands of workers tracked their employees with a notepad and a pen. Plus, CMS Enterprise Identity Management Systems ensure that employee hours worked are fairly documented, that all identities are secured and that no one is counted out.

Kierra Benson | Kierra Benson is an alumnus of the University of North Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Technology. She previously completed an internship at a local newspaper and worked as a content creator for a small online business. Her goal is to work in the media industry in writing/editing and advertising. She has always been fascinated by how messages are marketed in the media to influence the masses and sell products.

Kierra Benson | Kierra Benson is an alumnus of the University of North Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Technology. She previously com...

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