5 Best Online Survey Tools for Business
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5 Best Online Survey Tools for Business

5 Best Online Survey Tools for Business

Has your company used a survey tool to make your business better?

There are many survey tools on the market that are designed to make your business operations better and connect with your customers in a more engaging way. Without surveys, you are left to guess what your customers like instead of truly knowing.

Online survey tools can provide many benefits. From being able to collect insights on what your clients think of your new product and predict what clients will want to buy in the future based on what they have bought in the past, to the ability to measure the influence you have over audiences’ actions after they communicate with your brand, online survey tools can help you not only improve the products you offer your customers but also your business practices. Here are some of the best online survey tools available for you to gain valuable insights about your customers and make significant improvements in your business operations.


Perhaps the most popular, best free online survey tools available, SurveyMonkey offers a smooth user interface making it one of the easiest online survey formats to use. A great part about this survey platform is that it offers the ability to buy responses if you don’t have access to a distribution list. SurveyMonkey also offers logic and branding options, with an upgrade of course. SurveyMonkey offers an easy-to-use interface for basic surveys and is an excellent choice as it offers the potential to grow with you as your company scales in size and capability. SurveyMonkey is an excellent option for small businesses that plan to grow and want their survey distribution to follow along.

Google Forms

The great thing about online survey tools for research like Google Forms is all you need to access this platform is have a Google account. Google Forms offers both a private and public option and can be synced with Google Sheets to automatically collect responses, allowing you to analyze your survey data instead of having to outsource it to another company. Google Forms provides one of the best free online survey tools on the market and is a good option to ask basic questions and offers multiple choice, multi-select, and open answer formats. With Google Forms, your answer options can even be randomized, removing any selection bias that may be hidden in the order of the answers.


This survey tool offers the option to preview your surveys, so you can see how they will look on mobile devices. This is a very useful tool considering many people today use their mobile device for just about everything. SurveyLegend also provides basic live analytics and access to individual responses as they’re recorded. This survey platform even provides targeting information on your audience by offering a geographical representation of your respondents. SurveyLegend is an excellent tool for first-time survey creators as it walks you through each step of the survey creation process and offers language functionality that allows you to create surveys for people who read right to left.

Zoho Survey

Zoho, a widely popular CRM tool, also provides a survey tool that allows you to work seamlessly with your Zoho CRM tool or as a standalone survey tool. This survey platform offers several question types, an autofill option, and more than 50 pre-built survey templates and 15-question surveys to choose from. Zoho’s survey tool can integrate with your other Zoho apps free of charge and is a highly functional platform.
There are many survey tools on the market that are designed to make your business operati


This survey platform is an excellent option for those who don’t wish to write their own survey. SurveyPlanet provides templates that allow users to hyper-target their survey to different audiences. This tool also allows users to combine question types from several different segments to create a one-of-a-kind survey. The free version of this tool offers many simple themes to choose from and even the ability to share your survey across multiple channels. This tool also offers an anonymous survey function, allowing you to collect sensitive data from respondents who would otherwise hesitate to provide their information

With an online survey tool like the ones listed above, you can easily improve your products, connect with customers better, and even improve your marketing efforts. If you have not yet used a survey tool to improve your business operations, now is the time to consider the option.

Emily Pribanic
Emily Pribanic
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