Most-Effective Ways to Survey the Customer Journey

By Marianne Chrisos - Published on May 24, 2018
Most Effective Ways to Survey the Customer Journey

One of the key ways to understanding your customer.

Customer experiences are essential to effective communication and successful businesses – here are some customer feedback methods to consider.

Understanding your customers is a key component to good marketing and a successful business. Without your customers, there is no business, so it’s in your best interest to understand what they like about working with your company, using your products, and even how they like to interact with marketing.

There are several ways to compile this data. Plenty of market research firms exist and you can buy data packages that include information about an entire audience of people including age, industry, location, income, job title, and other demographic information that helps you put together a picture of who, what, and where your target audience might be.

Another way to gather this information is to ask your customers, both potential and existing, directly. Customers love to give feedback and this is one reason online reviews are so popular and influential. Surveying your customers about their experiences and expectations can help you create a simple customer journey map that can help guide your marketing and sales efforts going forward. Here are some ideas to think about as you consider how to create a customer journey map.

How to Ask Customers for Feedback

One way to gather information on a customer journey questionnaire is by surveying customers who’ve made a purchase. This can come in the form of a receipt given at the point of sale that encourages customers to give feedback in exchange for a gift or opportunity to win prizes for participation. You can also send feedback requests in an email or even a direct mail postcard after a long purchase cycle. There’s no one right way to collect feedback – every business will be different when it comes to collecting customer data to create a clear customer journey map.

When considering how to create a customer journey map, you not only want to think about how you’ll connect with customers but also what specific feedback to solicit. Here are some ideas for customer journey survey questions to include in your research. This will not only help you understand their relationship with your specific brand (customer service, decision to purchase, etc.) but also help you understand their purchasing behavior overall and gather more information about things like their office, their workspace, their coworkers, and other pieces of information that give you a more complete picture of your audience and its potential reach.

  • How do you prefer to consume content?
  • How do you research vendors online and in general?
  • How many people work in your organization?
  • What industry do you work in?
  • What is your organizational structure?
  • How do you decide to make a purchase?
  • How do you decide if you’re satisfied with your purchase?
  • What steps do you take before and after making a purchase?

Make sure to ask some questions related to how a customer would rate your customer service and prices so you know where you’re being most effective and what areas could use some work.

This kind of research takes time and effort to collect, compile, and analyze, but the results are worth it. Having a clear picture of what your customers want, need, and are experiencing when interacting with your brand can help you make smarter decisions that help expand your reach and connect you to customers.

Marianne Chrisos | Born in Salem, Massachusetts, growing up outside of Chicago, Illinois, and currently living near Dallas, Texas, Marianne is a content writer at a company near Dallas and contributing writer around the internet. She earned her master's degree in Writing and Publishing from DePaul University in Chicago and has worked in publishing, advertising, digital marketing, and content strategy.

Marianne Chrisos | Born in Salem, Massachusetts, growing up outside of Chicago, Illinois, and currently living near Dallas, Texas, Marianne is a content writer at a c...

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