3 Issues Marketers Face in Using Mobile App Messaging (How to Correct It)
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3 Issues Marketers Face in Using Mobile App Messaging (and How to Correct It)

3 issues marketers face in using mobile app messaging and how to correct it

These days, the life of an average human being is continuously circling his/her mobile device. It could be any device; however, every individual is hooked to it. This is one reason it only makes sense to engage a customer through a mobile device. Where apps are concerned, the following statistics say it all: “90% of a consumer’s time while on a mobile device is done so via an app.”

According to research conducted by Gartner, “Consumers see mobile apps as their main digital interaction with their favorite brands.”

Mobile app messaging has redefined the way marketers communicate with customers. Before this technology, companies controlled all the information.

Marketers are compelled to continually find new ways through which they can engage with customers through mobile devices. As simple as that sounds, there are many challenges in this approach.

Here are some of the critical challenges and (solutions) that marketers come across:

PROBLEM: Marketers Lack Control to Drive Ongoing Engagement

Once an app user is occupied with an app, marketers depend on app developers to create an app experience. Marketers don’t have the control over the mobile app to build an end-to-end customer experience.

SOLUTION: A platform that brings the marketer back in control.

The marketers these days should control the entire app experience. This involves mobile app messages like push messages and in-app messages which help to maneuver app engagement – to make it capable of personalizing the app experience by conducting tests and optimizing the app based on the customer’s behavior and preference pattern.

PROBLEM: Marketers Have Difficulty Building Highly Curated Experiences

When customers are on their mobile devices, they want to complete the work as soon as possible. The app they access needs to fulfill their needs seamlessly; they would want to have a curated content flow and expect you to use context to simplify steps in their process.

SOLUTION: A platform that provides a richer experience. It’s a platform that continually improves the prior actions taken. For instance, marketers should be able to get real-time notifications or triggers depending on the work that is made by the customers.

PROBLEM: Marketers Lack the Insight to Analyze Results and Optimize Outcomes

One of the top tasks that a marketer must do is to identify what keeps a customer engaged long enough that will make them purchase. This means keeping track and analyzing a diverse amount of data – a task that can get tedious.

SOLUTION: Marketers need to have a platform that would lead the customer’s digital body language to determine their next level of experience without intervention from the marketers.

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Tanuja Thombre
Tanuja Thombre
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