What is a Web Application?

By Techfunnel Author - Published on October 21, 2021
Web application

We can say that apps have changed our lives for the better. The app revolution has not touched every aspect of our lives, from work to shopping. The use of mobile apps has become so prevalent in our daily lives that we are all very familiar with them. However, web applications are just as important and equally ubiquitous.

There is a myriad of online services and functions available in web apps. Many people use these programs, including word processors and spreadsheets. You will need to use a web app even for something as simple as filling out a contact form on a website. They are so common and so important.

What is a Web Application?

Web applications (Web apps) are programs that are stored on a remote server and delivered to users via the Internet. Almost all websites contain Web apps, although not all. Website components that perform some function for the user are considered Web apps.

There are many reasons for developing Web apps, and they can be used by anyone, from businesses to individuals. Webmail, calculators, and e-commerce stores are common Web applications. Most Web apps can be accessed regardless of the browser, although some require a specific browser.

How does a Web Application Work?

As most of them rely on the browser to render them executable, languages such as JavaScript and HTML are usually used to code them. There are also dynamic applications that require server-side processing. However, there are also static applications that do not require any server processing.

An application server handles client requests; a web server handles tasks requested and a database stores data.

An example of a typical web application flow is as follows:

  • Through a web browser or the application’s interface, the user triggers a request to the webserver over the Internet
  • An appropriate WAS receives this request
  • The WAS executes the requested task – such as querying a database or processing data – and generates the results of the request
  • The resulting information or data is sent to the webserver by the WAS
  • Clients request information from a web server, which is then displayed on the client’s screen

Benefits of a Web Application

The potential benefits of web applications are many, and they have many different uses.

  • Since Web apps do not need to be installed on the hard drive, it does not take up space
  • The business requires less support and maintenance, and the computer requires less power
  • Web apps are cost-effective for both the end-user and the company
  • Updates are applied centrally to web applications, so they are always current
  • The same version can be accessed by all users, eliminating compatibility issues
  • Web apps can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser
  • In general, Web apps can run on multiple platforms regardless of the operating system or device as long as the browser is compatible
  • They relieve the developer of the responsibility of developing a client that is compatible with a particular type of computer or operating system
  • The use of subscription-based web applications reduces software piracy

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Final Thoughts

Internet usage is increasing among companies and individuals, which has influenced how businesses operate. As companies shift from traditional models to cloud-based and grid-based models, Web apps have become widespread. Businesses can streamline operations, increase efficiency, and cut costs with the help of web applications.

The online versions of email clients, word processors, spreadsheets, and other programs provide the same functionality as their desktop counterparts. Additionally, they are easily accessible from anywhere and can work with multiple platforms.

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Techfunnel Author | TechFunnel.com is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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