TNQ InGage Eyes Augmented and Virtual Reality Market with $2 Million Investment

By TechFunnel Newswire - Last Updated on August 30, 2019
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TNQ InGage

To scale up delivery of immersive products and services | Plans to invest in product R&D

PRESS RELEASE – CHENNAI, INDIA — Eyeing strong AR & VR business opportunities in India’s enterprise market, TNQ Technologies has invested in a Joint Venture (JV) with InGage to launch TNQ InGage. This JV brings together InGage’s immersive technology expertise and IP, and TNQ’s initial investment of USD 2 million. TNQ InGage will focus on developing immersive technology solutions using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality (AR, VR, MR) integrated with IoT and analytics. The solutions will provide enterprises in the healthcare, manufacturing, and construction industries, the following key services:

  • Immersive Training Simulators using Virtual Reality & Haptics
  • Field Service Tools through Augmented Reality & IoT
  • Digital Experience Centers for Industry 4.0

Highlighting the Joint Venture, Abhigyan Arun – CEO, TNQ Technologies said that, “TNQ Technologies is a 21-year-old, 2,500 people-strong company focused on publishing technologies and services. We see the future of content consumption leveraging immersive AR and VR environments and have made this investment in TNQ InGage as part of our long-term strategy. The extensive work InGage has done over the last 6 years under Vijay’s leadership, and the strong relationships with prestigious customers and partners make me confident that we have the right ingredients to establish ourselves as a leader in this technology and industry. TNQ Technologies will continue to focus on its existing publishing client base and will extend the AR/VR expertise of TNQ InGage to them as a new service line.”

The global AR, VR market size is aimed at $100 bn in the next five years. In India, with the government now focusing on skilling & development, the improved infrastructure supporting new forms of content delivery, and potential adoption of Industry 4.0, TNQ InGage will be focusing investments towards product R&D to improve human interaction with virtual objects, through haptics and photo-realistic rendering. The goal is to develop truly immersive world-class VR products & services for the healthcare and industrial sectors, in the areas of training and rehabilitation.

Vijay Karunakaran – Founder & CEO, TNQ InGage said, “Over the last 6 years we have delivered over 500 projects, generated extensive IP, and built a great team. TNQ Technologies’ investment as a long-term strategic partnered will help us with growth and scalability. We are already investing in R&D to improve human interaction with virtual objects. Our plan is to develop products and services that will have a meaningful impact on how people train, work and live. We are also looking at expansion in the global market, including the book-publishing world, by leveraging TNQ’s existing capabilities and competencies.”

About TNQ InGage

TNQ InGage specializes in immersive technology solutions using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for experiential training and education, product visualization, maintenance, and prototyping.

Having delivered over 500 projects, the company has worked with large and mid-sized firms in construction, manufacturing, and healthcare among others, to build stunning experiences for enterprises and end-users. The mission of TNQ InGage is to utilize AR, VR, and IoT to have a meaningful impact on how people train, learn and work across various industries.

The company is headquartered in Chennai, India, and has a sales presence in the UK and Germany. TNQ InGage has a strong team of artists, designers, human-computer interaction experts, and software and hardware developers who blend creativity and technology with a sharp focus on experience, to develop truly immersive and visually impactful products. For more details, please visit

TechFunnel Newswire

TechFunnel Newswire | is an ambitious technology-focused digital channel dedicated to highlighting the economy of information and the massive intersection...

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