The Best Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs to Use in 2018

The Best Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs to Use in 2018

Best Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

Being the most productive is essential for entrepreneurs and business success.

It can be very difficult to get a new business up and running without major glitches. With the number of apps on the market today, there is an abundance of helpful apps to benefit entrepreneurs.

There are many apps designed to make our lives easier. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who have a lot to do but few people to help them. There are apps for everything nowadays from keeping track of accounts to apps that increase communication.

4 Best Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs


Evernote allows entrepreneurs to create digital notebooks for everything. Evernote can keep track of expenses, manage calendars, create slideshow presentations and even plan trips. Evernote can even keep track of expenses making it simple to locate them in the future. Evernote allows users to tag notes to make them easy to find at later dates.


Letterspace is a note taking app that allows users to use hashtags to organize their thoughts into an easy to use way. This app also makes it very simple to edit anything from a paragraph to a simple typo in their notes.


Networking is essential for entrepreneurs and Humin makes keeping track of who you meet and where simple. With Humin, a user can insert information about who they meet right when they meet them and they don’t have to scramble to think about small details later when they’ve forgotten.


LISTEN is an excellent app for super busy entrepreneurs. With this app, a user can customize the way the app responds to calls or texts so they can get back to people when they get the chance.

Best Apps for Entrepreneurs in 2018

  • Fantastical 2
  • Accompany
  • Informant 5
  • Cal
  • Peek Calendar
  • CloudCal
  • Tiny Calendar
  • Jorte
  • SaiSuke 2
  • DigiCal+
  • Timepage
  • Awesome Calendar
  • aCalendar
  • Business Calendar 2

As an entrepreneur, it is essential for lists to get made and get done. is an excellent app that allows users to create to-do lists and then adds those items to the user’s calendar giving the user a chance to get the items on their list completed. There are many calendar apps on the market today so whatever style an entrepreneur likes, there is an app available to ensure they are well equipped to get their tasks done.

Being able to manage and schedule events is important for business professionals and Accompany is the perfect app to help users manage their schedules, meetings, and appointments. This app connects to a user’s email and creates profiles for important contacts.

Another great app for entrepreneurs is Informant 5. This app is not just a calendar app but a tasks and notes app as well. Informant 5 is a simple, straightforward way for users to organize their life. Users can customize this app to their personal preferences, it offers productivity tips to help them get everything done, it adjusts to different time zones when the user travels and the best part is it is free. Informant 5 is one of the best entrepreneur app ideas on the market.

4 Useful Time-Saving Apps for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have many things to get done every day so it is essential that they find anything that can help them get their jobs done efficiently and effectively.


Zirtual is an app that acts as a virtual, personal assistant. This app allows users to delegate non-productive tasks, like filing invoices and more. Zirtual allows entrepreneurs to focus on growing their business instead of non-productive tasks.


LiquidSpace is an excellent app that gives users the option of working in a shared office space, without compromising the quality of office infrastructure. This app finds workspaces to suit every kind of business need. LiquidSpace gives users the option of renting spaces by the hour, day or month.


CamCard is a great app to organize business cards a user receives from people. Once a photo of a business card is uploaded into the CamCard app, the app saves the contact details for future reference. This app is synced across all a user’s devices and if a contact changes companies or phone numbers, this app keeps the contact’s information updated.


Flyp is a great app for business professionals that want to separate their work life from their home life but don’t wish to carry around two cell phones. With Flyp, a user can separate their business contacts from their other contacts and the app even offers a separate phone work number that connects to the same cell phone the user already currently uses.

Starting a business can be very tough, especially when it comes to getting things done and growing the business. Apps have made lives incredibly easier and this is very true for entrepreneurs. Having the right apps is the best way for an entrepreneur to succeed and ensure their business is thriving and growing. With helpful apps like Zirtual and Evernote, it is now simpler than ever to get a new business up and running.

Emily Pribanic
Emily Pribanic
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