NetLine Adds New Products to Solutions Suite to Boost Buyer’s Journey

NetLine Adds New Products to Solutions Suite to Boost Buyer’s Journey with First-Party Data

NetLine adds new products

B2B content syndication lead generation network, NetLine, added three new products to its Advanced Solutions suite:

Full Funnel Acceleration– The Full Funnel Acceleration is designed to extract greater insights from prospects in order to better ascertain their position in the buyer’s journey. This is done by obtaining buying signals during top-of-funnel engagement and following that person through their journey.

The Multi-Asset solution– The Multi-Asset solution is aimed at transforming a single content request into much more than it is. It has been designed to position additional companion content for the user to select from. Subsequently, it will be used to track the prospects’ consumption of such content in order to depict deeper intent signals and identify their position in the buyer’s journey.

Programmatic– The Programmatic tool is positioned to help marketers leverage first-party data from real users across the NetLine network to enrich audience segmentation and targeting outside the NetLine footprint and across multichannel marketing tactics.

Both the full service and self-service solutions are equipped to easily integrate with virtually any platform such as MAS, CRM, DMP, and ERP. Leads can be fulfilled in real-time via API connections.

NetLine’s Advanced Solutions suite is designed to help marketers use reliable first-party data sets to hyper-target unique or niche audiences. The new additions position users to gain greater insights into buyer behavior, improve targeting and segmentation efforts and enhance content recommendations to accelerate the buyer’s journey, and are designed for B2B marketers and agencies across all industries who are looking for scalable and repeatable, on-demand lead generation sourced directly from first-party user engagement.

Together, these new additions to the Advanced Solutions line up will provide B2B marketers with real first-party data from in-market professionals to enhance demand generation, lead quality, and downstream conversion.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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