Looker Announces New App Looker for Sales Analytics

Looker Announces New App

Looker Announces New App Looker for Sales Analytics

At The Tour London, Looker’s Annual Global Roadshow, the company announced a new application. Dubbed ‘Looker for Sales Analytics’, the app is designed to deliver comprehensive insights to sales organizations and ultimately help them drive revenue.

This tool expands Looker’s suite of purpose-built applications which address the analytical needs of sales teams. Other applications in the suite are Looker for Digital Marketing and Looker for Web Analytics applications.

Looker for Sales Analytics provides the entire sales team with a single platform that aims to:

  • Provide sales representatives clear and complete view into quota attainments and pipeline health, whereby they are able to easily identify the most promising opportunities.
  • Empower sales managers and leaders with a 360o view into what makes the top sales representative successful.
  • Provide sales operations leaders with a highly-customizable, unified view into all sales data to make each function within sales more effective and efficient.

“We’re already big fans of Looker because of the huge impact it’s had across the sales organization,” said Steven Lucas, Head of Customer Experience at Receipt Bank. “We rely on massive CRM data sets to understand our customers. With Looker, each member of the sales team is emailed their Looker CRM dashboard in the morning allowing them to quickly prioritize their day, and we can measure the effect these actionable insights have made by the afternoon. The results of this type of access and actions have allowed us to reduce monthly involuntary churn by 92% in just two months.”

“The power of a data platform is measured by its ability to deliver actionable information and insights into the hands of every employee when they need it,” said Nick Caldwell, Chief Product Officer at Looker. “This announcement deepens our promise to empower every employee with dependable data by introducing new purpose-built experiences along with third-party developer features that pave the way for the availability of a suite of data applications on the Looker platform.”

The Looker for Sales Analytics application is presently available in beta mode. Looker for Digital Marketing and Looker for Web Analytics applications are out of beta and generally available.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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