Cloud-Based Social Listening Platform Talkwalker Acquired by Marlin Equity Partners

Cloud-Based Social Listening Platform Talkwalker Acquired by Marlin Equity Partners

Cloud-Based Social Listening Platform Talkwalker Acquired by Marlin Equity Partners

Talkwalker, one of the top global listening and analytics companies, recently announced that it has been acquired by Marlin Equity Partners.

Marlin Equity Partners is a global private equity firm with over $6.7 billion in capital under its management. The acquisition could be a great opportunity for the company to influence Marlin’s operational capita, and knowledge in growing technology businesses. Talkwalker’s founders and management team will still lead the company during this growth period, with the goal of promoting product novelty and global extension.

“We are excited to partner with Marlin as we enter a new phase of development as the leading provider of listening and analytics to the PR and marketing industry,” said Robert Glaesener, CEO of Talkwalker.

“Our focus on AI-powered features, global expansion and strategic acquisitions should provide our clients with a major competitive edge and ensures that they have access to the best technology on the market to protect, measure and promote their brands worldwide. Social media is where the action is today. If you want to stay on top of news and social conversations on your brand or products, you have to be constantly checking all major social platforms. We’re trying to make that process easier for you by bringing all brand mentions from across the internet to your inbox automatically. Our aim is to empower marketers around the world and help make their job easier. This is why, we’ve decided to keep the tool free and make it essential for communication professionals by adding the most important Twitter results.”

Talkwalker has around 1000 clients to date. Its technology is based on a cloud platform that uses AI-powered technology to study images and text in 187 languages across social, online, and traditional media. The company’s social listening and analytics software allows clients to see the effect of their communication efforts through real-time analytics across all channels, placing them in control of performance measurement, brand reputation, and promotion.

Talkwalker’s software allows users to see tweets that are most important to them, and discussions with maximum engagement. On social media platforms, users can choose to receive alerts from websites (news), discussion forums, and blogs. This provides the opportunity for digital marketers to keep track of their brands and keywords online, and allows them to monitor the web in the areas of their choosing.

Social media is one of the most effective ways to produce awareness about a brand or product. Talkwalker Alerts is one of the best products on the market that comprises alerts from a major social network such as Twitter in its results, therefore increasing the worth of the deal significantly.

Aparna Nayak
Aparna Nayak
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