5 Employee Gamification Platforms that Can Improve Your Business

5 Employee Gamification Platforms that Can Improve Your Business

Employee Gamification Platforms that Can Improve Your Business

Using gamification in the workplace can help to improve the rate of productivity among employees and boost efficiency and morale.

Sometimes, it takes a little more than a pep talk to motivate your employees.

Gamification refers to the use of game design techniques by taking elements of games such as competition, engagement, and reward, and applying them through game mechanics in a non-gaming environment. The concept of gamification uses action and fun to replicate the benefits of playing video games.

Gamification is often used in businesses both big and small to overcome challenges and aid employees. Gamification can be used in onboarding new hires, to introduce new products or services, to improve employee retention rates, to provide training and development to employees, to keep team members engaged, to demonstrate that you value your employees, and to improve intellectual capital retention rates so businesses do not lose key information.

Some examples of gamification include the way Duolingo teaches learning; the cash register training game provided to employees by McDonalds UK; the way Treehouse teaches coding, app development, and business skills; the way IBM company Bluewolf provides employees rewards for effective teamwork; how SAP designed Roadwarrior to help their salespeople; how Google has gamified their employees’ travel expenses; how the U.S. Army uses a virtual experience to show what it is like to those interested in signing up; and the game Evoke which was created by the World Bank in order to innovate social change and encourage people to come up with solutions to the world’s problems.

As a small business that is planning to make use of gamification, you should make sure that you choose the right software or platform to improve employee and business performance.

Here are some of the best gamification platforms to better your small business

  1. Plecto
    Plecto provides gamification dashboards aimed at engaging with and motivating employee teams. It increases commitment to the business and recognition of employees’ accomplishments while also making work more fun. Plecto’s platform lets you visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) with dashboard software, display performance on leaderboards, run contests with rewards to precipitate competition, and make use of achievements to recognize the achievements of employees.
  1. Saleskick
    This platform provides for the viewing of sales data and visualization of performance so as to create a data-driven, engaged work culture that will increase the productivity and results of the team. You can change the presentation of data by selecting which metrics to show, tracking progress towards goals, create sales contests, and reward your teams after recognizing their achievements. You can integrate Saleskick with existing customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, synchronize data across platforms, and automate work.
  1. QuizGame
    This gamification tool is aimed at making reinforced corporate employee training fun and engaging. QuizGame combines gaming mechanics with learning techniques so that it is easier for employees to acquire and retain the knowledge presented. It uses a variety of challenges and game modes, including pitting co-workers against one another and putting them together in a party-type game. QuizGame is used by several big companies, including Vodafone, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Bayer.
  1. Spinify
    Spinify’s interactive leaderboard platform ranks, updates, and scores employee performance. Staff achievements can be rewarded with points and badges, thus driving healthy competition between team members. The visibility of employee performance builds a culture of transparency in the organization and encourages staff to be more productive. Spinify uses your employees’ personal key performance indicators to provide monitoring and coaching tips and allows you to track and predict results.
  1. Zunos
    This app allows you to either revamp your company’s already existing training program or create a new one from scratch and deliver the system in a fun and engaging way. Zunos takes different customizable approaches to learning and employee training, such as quizzes and microlearning; gamification elements such as certifications, achievements, leaderboards, badges, goals, rewards, and leaderboards; communication tactics such as push notifications, email tracking, group-based targeting, an internal marketing tool, branded templates, and forums. The Zunos platform features a customizable interface, third-party integration, content reference libraries, event management, and learning management systems for desktop, web, and mobile. All of this is done through a single app that anyone can use.

Gamification is a great way to improve employee performance and customer engagement. It increases team motivation, provides more effective training and learning, and supplies better communication. Make sure your company chooses the right gamification platform to improve your business.

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