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By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on June 18, 2020
Article on the employee gamification software

An effective way to improve a team’s productivity is by applying elements that are typically found in-game playing in the workplace which can been done by employee gamification platform. This can help encourage team building activities, positive engagement, and friendly competition as a way of participating in a team. It is typically applied to an existing group of applications or to a company’s marketing strategies to help with long-lasting relevance.

What is Gamification Software?

Gamification(1) software uses gaming mechanics in a non-gaming environment to engage participants and build team camaraderie. A gaming software strategy can vary and may include user engagement, customer loyalty, internal or external e-learning, and performance management.

This is where companies go to when setting up a loyalty or reward system based on user behavior. These strategies can be customized for the need of the business and can help build new analytics and metrics on both the internal and external sides.

Best Employee Gamification Platforms That Can Improve Your Business

  1. Agile (CRM)

    Agile as a customer relationship management (CRM) platform helps sales teams focus on their goals and improve their overall sales metrics daily with a game. This game includes customizable leaderboards, immediate alerts, accurate reporting, activity logs, and advanced metrics.

    It is an all in one tool that is relatively affordable compared to other software.

  2. Edgagement

    Used as an internal training software, Edgagement allows for customizable training formats to help provide accessibility and competition to trainees. Their biggest draw is accessibility through a mobile device. Its ease of use is streamlined to help account for teams throughout an organization.

  3. Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Gamification

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows employees to compete in individual and team-oriented competitions. This allows employees to strive to achieve KPI’s with rewards such as prizes, awards, privileges, and recognition.

    This information can easily be tracked by internal teams, such as via a large screen on the office, which can help sustain employee engagement.

  4. SalesScreen

    SalesScreen is a web-based performance management platform that focuses on improving an employee’s focus and motivation through milestone tracking, recognition, and real-time visual data.

    A huge benefit of SalesScreen is its ability to keep employees connected through mobile apps. This software is used to ensure that employees feel appreciated and their achievements are recognized by their team immediately.

  5. Hoopla

    A platform that is used to engage employees while primarily pulling performance data across many devices, Hoopla can help liven up a company’s work environment.

    Throughout an office’s workplace, informative data is displayed which helps rely on the tracking of certain metrics and provides recognition for those who have achieved these goals. A leaderboard helps track these activities and is used as a friendly internal competition.

  6. Kahoot!

    Kahoot is an educational corporate training game that helps create games for any group of people on any subject. Each game is customizable for ease of use for any language, device, and age.

    With an active leaderboard between rounds and reward management, it adds performance metrics for analytics and is perfect as an onboarding tool for new employees.

  7. Funifier Studio

    Funifier Studio pitches itself as a secure, flexible, and easily accessible platform. By using pre-built gamification processes that can be added to applications, websites, and social networks, users can include many different things to showcase themselves to their teams.

    By adding profiles, challenges, badges, levels, activity, and much more, this can help motivate employees and users to stay focused while providing them with incentives.

  8. Mambo.IO

    Mambo.IO platform has many features and a complete behavior tracking system that can help provide rewards, notifications, points, and activity streams to users. It is a platform used to increase customer loyalty by offering incentives to stay within a company by purchasing goods or using products.

    This can also help improve employee productivity by stimulating more eLearning and training.

  9. Bunchball Nitro

    Nitro motivates its users to take action. Whether that action is working towards a goal, getting recognition from peers and other users, or striving to achieve a certain reward.

    Bunchball Nitro helps to amplify apps, websites, and social networks by implementing challenges that are seamless and accessible for all users.

  10. Gametize

    The perfect gamification software for small and medium companies, Gametize is best used for projects surrounding banking, finance, consulting, telecommunication, and education.

    As a community engagement platform, the easy to use content management partnered with customizable achievements and rewards help provide important analytics for a business. It’s perfect for receiving feedback for teams and is great for onboarding.

  11. Zurmo (CRM)

    As a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Zurmo focuses on the business and the consumer. As open-source software, it is highly customizable and is adaptable to all the company’s needs.

    With the power of marketing campaigns, contact management, activity logs, and a reward system, Zurmo is an excellent gamification software for engagement and market reach.

  12. Judgify

    Judgify is an industry leader in gamification software by focusing their efforts on badge and contest management. By using various collaboration tools, Judgify helps bring teams together with leaderboards, active tracking, and a rewarding recognition management program.

  13. Qstream

    An ideal platform for busy sales professionals, Qstream has an intuitive mobile interface to bring on the go. Available in 18 different languages, Qstream offers an intuitive and easily accessible interface that includes leaderboards and creative scoring.

    By providing instant feedback on customer responses, sales professionals are able to easily track their progress, work, and KPI’s with a built-in coaching hub on the app.

  14. Hurrah! Leaderboard

    Hurrah is an incredible real-time recognition tool. Key data is displayed on TV’s around the work environment and broadcasts achieved KPI’s. By using contests that are appealing, it’s a great motivator in real-time for teams.

    This also helps with team morale as it’s easy to celebrate teammate’s achievements even in passing.

  15. Ambition

    Marketed as a fast-paced, data-driven sales organizer, Ambition helps create a dashboard that is accessible for all levels in a company. This helps provide accountability at all levels. It’s much easier to see short and long term goals and provides companies with a way of highlighting top performers.

  16. Gameffective

    Gameffective tracks real-time and relevant KPI’s for employees to help teams achieve their performance metrics. With a customizable leaderboard system, it’s easy to pinpoint a teammate’s success in certain areas. With visual data being displayed it’s easy to celebrate successes and identify areas of improvement.

  17. Iactionable

    Iactionable is designed for the workplace by providing an employee management program that helps leverage gamification as a way to increase worker’s performance, engagement, and recognition company-wide.

  18. QuizGame

    Made as a training program for any business, Quizgame is made as a solution to problems and recalls knowledge reinforcement across different platforms. It’s a great general gamification software for call centers and educating employees.

    With performance metrics and leaderboards, Quizgame is an excellent software for internal data analytics.

  19. Spinify

    Spinify provides leaderboards and sales activity which prompts healthy competition between teams. With features such as achievements, productivity gap, recognition, recurring performances, personalization, and local scores, Office TVs and displays shed light upon the hardest workers.

    With the ability to see these leaderboards anywhere with the aid of a mobile app, Spinify is a great way to keep teams accountable and focused. It’s used as a warning system for managers to help out team members that need the extra boost to their performance.

  20. LevelEleven

    LevelEleven is a sales activity management system that helps hammer down the basic behaviors of a sales business. By tracking day-to-day sales with scores in mind, LevelEleven can help focus new hires and bring them up to speed on a team as well as give visibility to performance to current team members.

  21. GetBadges

    GetBadges is an intended gamification platform for software developers. It is a tool that gives companies the ability to curate creative and competitive games throughout their teams. This can help with project management and developer tools while having a balance of competition and team morale.

  22. SuMo Motivate (CRM)

    Using gaming strategies as a customer relationship management system is SuMo Motivate’s cup of tea. SuMo’s goal is to improve the gathering of data while also increasing the quality of that data.

    SuMo is also able to sync seamlessly into programs such as Salesforce and can monitor sales activity of multiple KPI’s. SuMo’s system is perfect for the workplace by offering motivation for sales and service in the workplace.

  23. Repignite

    Using their strengths as an anywhere, anytime access program to ignite sales teams and field reps to produce quality work. By getting deals done faster, sales can continue to go up, while employee satisfaction will increase as they see their goals being met.

    With the workers in the field in mind, Repignite helps the company grow by focusing on the reps on the ground.

  24. Battlejungle

    A great tool for HR professionals, Battlejungle is used to take employee motivation to the next level. By providing gamified events at scale, Battlejungle can create environments that help boost motivation through events and activities for everyone to enjoy.

    With the use of different collectibles, trophies, and rewards, this software creates exciting and motivational areas for teams to boost morale and overall productivity.

  25. Mysalesgame

    Mysalesgame uses a point and badge system to help reward sales professionals to give their best effort each and every day. Mysalesgame increases engagement through a certain process or program and encourages growth and competition.

    By being given the opportunity to break down high-level objectives into small manageable tasks, workers and managers are able to better organize their teams and set achievable goals.

  26. Saleskick

    This platform provides accurate and real-time viewing of sales data with quality visualization that can create a data-driven and motivating environment. With the ability to change how data is presented, being able to track progress and reward teams becomes easier.

    Saleskick is an easy software to integrate with existing CRMs, data platforms, and help automate the output of information.

  27. RepTivity

    RepTivity is a leaderboard designed to rank sales representatives based on KPIs and badge awards. By focusing on the morale of sales teams, RepTivity allows for more growth for sales productivity which can ultimately boost a company.

    With active leaderboards and performance metrics, reps on the ground are able to track their progress to better reach their goals.

  28. Gamilab

    Gamilab is the perfect gamification software to integrate with schools, learning, and education. By creating and sharing learning games, Gamilab gives users the chance to learn and to achieve goals easily.

    With online access and active leaderboard tracking, it’s an easy way to accrue points and see progress in a fun and easy way.

  29. Trajectory IQ

    Trajectory IQ software matches content with a plethora of over 50 games, puzzles, and quizzes to create a unique experience for all users. By using a smaller reward system, users are rewarded with each milestone they achieve.

    By doing so, this pushes participants to keep striving for the next goal, no matter how big or small. With active tracking, managers are able to track employee’s progress and help them achieve their goals.


    nGAGEMENT provides companies with a platform that is excellent for contact centers. By centering their programs with game mechanics that directly affect the team’s social media status, recognition patterns, and motivation, nGAGEMENT gives a unique and immersive environment that helps empower users to self-manage as well as achieve goals that they set out for themselves.

    By using benchmarking and managing goals as an emphasis, employees can feel connected to their teams and managers and know that they are making an impact on their company.

  31. Zunos

    Zunos is a digital learning platform that provides employee training programs. By being a fit for modern business, Zunos helps motivate employees to engage in friendly competition and boost engagement. By doing so, teams are able to learn daily and work on how they can help make a profit for their companies.

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How to Use Employee Gamification Platform for Better Business Results?

To use an employee gamification platform, a company must first decide if implementing this will be beneficial internally, externally, or both. When using employee gamification platform internally, this can help teams stay accountable with one another and spark friendly competition within teams.

This can help boost productivity and improve team morale. If an employee gamification platform is primarily used externally, this can help engage current users while attracting new users to participate.

When used for both audiences, this can create an overall community that is inclusive to all users. Doing so can provide valuable information and analytics/metrics for a company while providing a competitive and informative environment for consumers. 

Many companies have proven that a gamification strategy has worked in the past and will continue to become more popular as more companies implement it into their ecosystem.

  • M&M’s – Spy Pretzel

    An incredibly popular gamification campaign, in 2013 M&M’S launched a game in conjunction with a pretzel marketing campaign. The game was based on eye-spy logic and it was a simple and inexpensive way to get all users involved. The brand gained 25,000 Facebook likes, 6,000 shares, and 10,000 comments.

  • Nike – Nike Running Club Leaderboard

    What started out as Nike+ and Nike fuel, Nike integrated a leaderboard that tracked users total miles weekly, monthly, and all-time on their app. The number of miles/km was tracked and times were kept personal as to not compare between users.

    It was used as a way to motivate their audience to keep up with one another in addition to keeping them on the app while providing users with workouts, coaching advice, and the latest Nike running apparel and accessories to purchase.

  • Youscience

    The company works around developing assets that help guide people towards their desired career path. This is done by putting users through skills tests and quizzes that were essentially games for the brain.

    As they complete these, they gain information about potential job/career fits. Internally, employees can take these same quizzes to gain perspective on their position in the company while providing for the business.

What are the Benefits of Workplace Gamification?

As a trend to most workplace employee gamification platform programs, the main essence is the organization and motivation of teams to strive for quality results in their work environments. Whether it’s educational, sales, data-driven, or just an overall tool to improve a company’s workflow, gamification is an easy way to help motivate the team’s visually.

By creating an environment and culture surrounded by healthy competition, representatives will constantly outwork each other and create quality results in the process.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons to promote a healthy work environment and gamification programs help do it in a positive way. By creating a ranking system, keeps the team’s accountable while motivating them to work efficiently, quickly, and with quality work.

By giving the smaller and bigger team’s the opportunity to react, share, collaborate, and interact with one another, more opportunities for growth emerge. Measuring results that are easily read and understood by teams help promote better work culture and ultimately more results for their company.


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TechFunnel Contributors | TechFunnel.com is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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