Phenom People Announced Phenom Bot and Phenom Bot Plus to Automate Recruiting
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Phenom People Announced Phenom Bot and Phenom Bot Plus to Automate Recruiting

Phenom bot & Phenom bot plus

Global leader in talent relationship marketing (TRM), Phenom People, announced Phenom Bot and Phenom Bot Plus, which enable real-time candidate messaging to engage with active and passive job seekers.

Powered by conversational AI and available on Phenom Career Sites, talent acquisition teams can now use this new bot technology to provide increased personalization while automating the qualification process, interview scheduling and answering candidates’ most frequently asked questions. This gives talent acquisition managers more time to spend on communicating with candidates, and less on monotonous tasks.

“Conversational bots are leaving their mark on all aspects of life — talent acquisition and talent management are no exceptions,” said Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and Cofounder of Phenom People. “For our industry, conversational bots are having the highest impact by enabling recruiters to automate the most time-consuming tasks. This allows for more meaningful, personal connections that candidates desire. The by-product is stronger candidate experiences with personalization and immediate job search and applies functionality.”

The Phenom Bot includes a ‘sourcing’ feature that enables recruiters to fuel the talent funnel with quality candidates. The Phenom Bot greets candidates with automated messages, asks questions to learn more about their needs, and customizes the entire conversation. It also matches a candidate with the correct job through the ‘job search and applies feature.’ It sends out personalized job recommendations, from where the candidates can directly apply to the position.

Phenom Bot Plus is also a feature-packed platform that allows screening, scheduling and candidate FAQ. The Phenom Bot Plus qualifies candidates with knockout questions, which help to determine if the candidate has the necessary job requirements. The bot also arranges the next steps to boost recruiter efficiency, arranges interviews as well as assists candidates by solving their queries.

With the Phenom Bot and Phenom Bot Plus, talent acquisition teams will be able to experience higher quality and quantity in their talent pools much faster, giving them a massive advantage in acquiring and retaining top talent.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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