Mobile Recruiting Trends CHROs Need to Know
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Mobile Recruiting Trends CHROs Need to Know

Top Mobile Recruiting Trends Every CHRO Should Know

These top mobile trends will keep you on the cutting edge of modern recruitment.

Job seekers include nearly half of the millennial population, and with one billion mobile job searches each month, many companies are striving for continued progress, quality performance, and cost-effectiveness in their HR departments.

Mobile recruiting is a new method of discovering the right talent for a job position. Choosing the most effective platform can help HR professionals filter through potential candidates quickly and efficiently. Some of the many benefits of mobile recruiting are eliminating applicants visiting the office en masse, saving time, and reducing HR budgets.

According to a report by, “More than three in five job seekers look at company career pages from their smartphone or other mobile device. These statistics show that mobile is the recruiting medium of the mid-2010s.”

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A 2017 Harvey Nash Human Resources Survey found that 15 percent of HR leaders polled from more than four dozen countries said artificial intelligence and automation have a significant impact on their mobile recruitment efforts. Another 40 percent of those polled also stated that they expect AI and automation to affect their company’s HR goals within the next two to five years.

The competition is extremely competitive when it comes to acquiring qualified candidates. This is especially true for small businesses. According to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), nearly 50% of small businesses report that qualified applicants are very limited and filling these positions have become extremely challenging.

There are various mobile recruitment companies out there. But it is crucial to focus on key features that your HR department will need to find qualified talent quickly. Based on a 2017 CareerBuilder survey, more than half of U.S. employers have job openings that remain vacant for at least 12 weeks or longer. HR managers report that they sustain an average cost of nearly $1 million each year for job openings that they are unable to fill.

Mobile recruitment apps can help defuse this issue, eliminating the need to go extended periods without proper employment or hiring employees less qualified than desired. With the latest mobile recruiting trends, your organization will be more capable of keeping up with the high demands of what job seekers expect during their job search. Job seekers, including nearly 50 percent of millennials, who are looking to change careers, unemployed individuals, and students are searching and applying for jobs while on the go from their mobile devices. TalentNow suggests that Americans conduct one billion mobile job searches each month.

While businesses are striving for continued progress in their HR departments, quality performance and cost-effectiveness remain at the top of the list in achieving a competitive advantage over other companies. A wide range of new technology advancements in 2018 have caused CHROs to rethink the overall company operations and recruiting process.

As 2018 is halfway over, here are the mobile recruiting trends you should implement:

Deliver content that appeals to candidates. This will encourage them to apply, engage and foster a positive brand image of your organization.

Increase social media engagement by sharing job posts on your company’s social pages such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Invest in high quality, mobile-friendly videos with your job descriptions. Videos account more than 60% of internet traffic, and almost all mobile users viewing videos share them.

Develop a mobile recruiting app. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) mobile app allows busy HR professionals to save time by quickly viewing applicants while remote. Software companies such as BambooHR offer a variety of features including, applicant tracking, HR reporting, a convenient employee self-onboarding which allows new-hires to complete online documents at ease.

On-Demand Video Interviewing is an effective way for CHROs to have their recruiters streamline the hiring process to make smarter and faster hiring decisions. This option gives both parties flexibilities. Companies like HireVue, not only provide video interviews, but also scheduling, and pre-hire assessments which make it easy to identify suitable candidates.

Time and cost-effectiveness are two major factors in successful mobile recruiting. With millions of potential employees on their phones every day, all day, and several thousand employers looking for good candidates, mobile recruiting is the pathway to finding engaging and interesting qualified candidates.

Jacqueline Perry
Jacqueline Perry
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