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By Team Writer - Last Updated on August 26, 2020
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The job searching process has always been exhausting for both the seeker and the recruiter, even before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the rise of unemployment rates affect the job market, the process for vetting potential candidates has had to change in order to find jobs for people and get those positions filled as quickly as possible.

What is Interview Scheduling Software?

While searching for opportunities in the job market is competitive and emotionally taxing for candidates; for the Scouters, whose job it is to vet and choose which candidate gets the job, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Sifting through so many resumes, cover letters, sitting through, and conducting countless interviews is a lot for human beings alone to handle. That is where interview scheduling software(1) comes in. This technology provides HR with tools to lessen the time and workload of the vetting and searching process for both candidates and scouters.

Essential Features of an Interview Scheduling Software

Streamlining digital calendars, matching up interviews within those digital calendars within the system, auto-scheduling for potential candidates and scouters, mass choose and schedule tool for fast interview arrangement, an e-mail function with notifications, reviewing candidate work and personal history, and sync ability with other SaaS are many of the most needed features to have within an interview scheduling software.

Best Interview Scheduling Software

  1. Clara


    Handles choosing the time for the candidate vetting process, plus it arranges dates  (no matter how suddenly they are created) and informs recruiters on who needs to be there during the process.

    Downside: Takes a moment to get familiar with the interface

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  2. Spark Hire


    Video interviewing service that can be recorded, shared and is available globally in 100+ countries

    Downside– Does not give users the option to archive older videos

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  3. XOR


    Auto capabilities of scheduling interviews, communicating with potential candidates, background checking, and streamlining information in the applicant  tracking system

    Downside: Dashboard, interface, and conversion issues

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  4. Yello


    Recruiter sharing and collaboration tools offer advice on candidates based on data, sync-able to ATS, can schedule vetting sessions, a valuable tool at job fairs, includes video interview software, and CRM

    Downside: Takes time storing and sifting through data

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  5. X.AI


    Sharable links for platform and candidates to offer optional times for interviews automatically assigns a time block to meet with candidates using AI

    Downside: Slight technical difficulties when managing tasks with the AI assistant “Amy”

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  6. TimeTap


    Provides lists and calendars to easily book times for interviews, mobile compatible, automatic scheduling technology

    Downside: Clunky management task system

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  7. GoodTime


    Provides data and analyzes it, onboarding for interviews, gives advice for choosing skilled candidates, schedule interviews quickly and efficiently, smart choice selection tools

    Downside: Very Expensive

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  8. Setmore


    Message and email notifications, monitor clients, employees, services, etc. booking interface, and interview scheduling.

    Downside: layout and notification issues

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  9. Paradox


    AI assistant named “Olivia”, automatic background checks, interview scheduling, assisting candidates, can be used at job fairs for mass hiring

    Downside: Lack of data collecting tools

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  10. Recruiterbox:


    The monitors vetting process, schedule interviews, assesses potential candidates

    Downside: Kinks in the software structure and usability

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  11. 10 to 8


    Schedule interviews, compatible with other SaaS platforms like Workable, Greenhouse, Lever, and SmartRecruiters

    Downside: UX and interface issues

    Check Pricing Plans of 10to8

  12. Rakuna


    Dashboards, interview scheduling, streamline the vetting process through like SMS and CRM

    Downside: Not able to download PDF resumes and difficulty sorting through large amounts of applications

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  13. Calendly


    Compatible with the digital calendar on Outlook, the Cloud, and Google Calendar, can hold individual and group meetings provide reminders, the ability to add time pre and post-interview, meeting limits, time zone friendly, and customizable interface and personal profile.

    Downside: Issues with technical support

    Check Pricing Plans of Calendly

  14. HigherMe


    Scouting, background checking, training, managing tasks, and interview scheduling tools

    Downside: Issues with function ability and speed

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  15. AllyO


    Bot function that background checks potential candidates and alerts scouters to the ones who may be qualified for the open job position

    Downside: Software sometimes suffers from glitching

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  16. Picktime


    Scheduling interviews and other events, compatible digital calendar, SMS notifications, book instructional seminars, booking interface, dashboards, etc.

    Downside: Not many to no downsides

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  17. Workforce Now


    HR data collecting tools, income distribution files, incentives, monitor talent, time, and hours worked, and schedules interviews

    Downside: Issues with customer service

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  18. Pinpoint HQ


    Scouting marketing tools, monitor applicants, training sessions, interview scheduling

    Downside: Lagging and streamlining issues with ATS

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    Fast booking, safe, low price, works for both large and small HR departments, adaptable based on needs, compatible with Zoom, Gmail, Stripe, and Zapier

    Downside: You have to pay to get more features

    Check Pricing Plans of

  20. Zoho Recruit


    Gathering and monitoring candidates, interview scheduling, mechanized productivity processes, and social media listings for open job positions

    Downside: Customer support and interface usability issues

    Check Pricing Plans of  Zoho

Benefits of Interview Scheduling Software

  • No more wasted time: Searching for the best candidate for the job no longer has to be a tedious and frustrating process utilizing interview scheduling software to your advantage.
  • Save money: Most of the software services listed above are low-priced considering the features that they have and what they can do.
  • Reduces ghosting: If the vetting process takes too long, it is not unheard of for candidates to abandon ship to look for other opportunities.
  • Keep Digital Reports: Utilize the software to collect and process information about candidates and interviews to reduce the time of the vetting process.
  • Cub Scheduling Mishaps: Keep up with multiple assigned interviews using tools like notifications and applicant tracking systems with the software.
  • Adaptability and Simplicity: Customize the tools to fit your needs then utilize them to make the vetting process easier.

Who Can Benefit from Using Interview Scheduling Software?

  1. Hiring Director or Administrator

    Speeds up the process and gives a streamlined platform for answering candidate inquiries and good interview oversight.

  2. All kinds of businesses

    No matter if you own an up and coming business or a large corporation, interview scheduling software can assist small HR teams in handling large talent searches to improve business function and can assist large HR teams in monitoring the vetting process by utilizing a variety of tools like ATS and streamlined digital calendars.

  3. HR Sector

    Reducing the time completing management tasks and reaching out/keeping in touch with candidates allows for HR to focus on enhancing the vetting process for candidates and working on future recruiting marketing campaigns.

How to Select the Right Interview Scheduling Software

  • Characteristics and usability
  • Expert solutions
  • Safety
  • Price
  • Customer service
  • Reliability

Final Thoughts

Filling a job position can be just as stressful for the recruiter as it is for a hopeful candidate. With the use of interview scheduling software, the vetting process can move along as smoothly as possible in order to find the best person for the job.

The candidate obviously benefits from this because it lets them know where they stand at a mush faster rate, so even if they do not get the job, they might be willing to try again later at the same company. The business benefits because they are acquiring skilled and talented candidates at higher rates, which improves operations overall.

Plus, the job market benefits as a whole because interview scheduling software helps to reduce unemployment by helping people find job in a very timely manner.


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