How to Recruit and Retain in 2018
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How to Recruit and Retain in 2018

Recruitment Marketing Trends and Predictions 2018

Use These Trends and Predictions to Help You Hire the Right Team

Creating a successful business starts with the right team. Recruiting that team in 2018 is simpler as long as you have and use the right tools.

Ask any expert for the recipe for a successful business, and they’ll tell you that it lies in the recruitment and retention of highly skilled professionals. The more talented the team, the better the results. So how do you, as a human resources person, recruit the right talent? Start by considering some of the top recruitment marketing trends in 2018.

Recruitment Marketing Trends 2018

  • Recruit in the right locations. Think of it this way. You’re looking for a new CFO for a Fortune 500 company. Would you post a paper with little tear-offs featuring your phone number in a part of low-income part of town where very few people have completed high school, let alone attended college? No, you wouldn’t. Although there could always be that one special person who grew up in that area and simply hasn’t left yet, the odds of having much luck filling a position that requires such extensive business experience in that area of town are ultimately very slim. Just as you wouldn’t advertise that way for that type of position, you shouldn’t post your recruitment ads in places on the web that draw people.
  • Use social networking to get your listing seen. Promote recruitment ads via various social networks, including, of course, LinkedIN, where you can easily see candidates’ work experience and education. Using social networks also gives you the opportunity to see what type of person you’re recruiting before you recruit them. For example, if their LinkedIN account shows quality education and work history, but the Facebook profile picture reveals the keg stand he or she did at a recent party, you might be looking at a qualified partier. How likely is that person to show up for work on time on Monday after a weekend of heavy partying? That’s a hard pass. Social media is great for recruiting, but it’s even better for helping you to filter through less quality candidates.
  • Letting the computer do the hard work for you. In today’s world of artificial intelligence, let the right HR recruitment software do the weeding for you. Every time a job is posted, there are going to be those applications that filter in from completely unqualified individuals looking to make big bucks without putting in the time first. As an HR professional, you’re busy. You don’t have time to look through every single application packet that comes your way. So let the software filter out those that are unqualified, leaving only the best recruits for your viewing pleasure.

Recruitment Marketing Predictions 2018

The year of 2018 is the time to…

  • Use inbound marketing to attract the right candidates, reel them in, convert them into employees, and retain them for the long haul. This means offering an engaging workplace with promotional opportunities and then marketing that in every way possible.
  • Use technology to help you recruit the right employees. Use artificial intelligence. Use a top notch software program to help you recruit. Use the fact that you use top notch software to your advantage by showing off that your company uses the best of the best in HR software.
  • Use employer branding. What the heck is that? Well, it’s like marketing branding but is focused more on letting potential employees see why working for you is where they want to be. Create a brand that screams: “this is a place I want to work!”
  • Use data for everything. Use data to help you choose the right outlets to advertise your open positions. Use data to help you choose the right candidate. Use data to show the right candidate why your company is where they want to work. As an HR professional, you have certain tools at your disposal. One of the most important tools you have is data. Use it.

Creating a successful business starts with the right team. Recruiting that team in 2018 is simpler as long as you have and use the right tools.

Amy N Barkman
Amy N Barkman
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